Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales: we saw spectacular gameplay! Know all

The only Spider-Man in New York: this is the remarkable phrase that Peter Parker utters to Miles Morales during the prologue to Insomniac’s new adventure. Miles is on the subway. Warm clothes, backpack, pants, sneakers, headphones, a face of everyday life, without forgetting the state of alert that someone with his powers must have.

The car doors open. Gentleman, the young man gives way to other people to later get off the train and head to the streets. Still in a cordial tone, Miles offers help to workers who are transporting furniture into a truck. Say hello to the boy in the hot dog stand – New York classic -, wave to a stall owner, go into a convenience store to buy some items and take them to his mother. Nice.

Everything was paced, without pausing the music that filled the headphones of the hero, a pleasant citizen. Typical neighborhood friend, so to speak. Until the duty calls it – through the other friend, Peter Parker, here a supporting one of brief appearance.

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So begins the exuberant gameplay video of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales to which Voxel had access. We were able to check out this material and then talk to Brian Horton, creative director, and Cameron Christian, game director. Combat, exploration, city size, Miles’ personality and more: promising news from him that, according to the artists, is a “robust AAA that expands Spider-Man”.

Map: expanded locations

After answering the call of his forerunner, Miles wears an improvised uniform, which still has the hood of his coat, and continues to show personality. Still a beginner, yes, victim of the mistakes of a young apprentice, but a prodigy.

“He is trying to find his way into this new world and is discovering new powers with the player,” commented the project leaders. “This adds a new layer to combat, to speed, to these new powers for him to play with,” they reported.

The map, which is a replica of Manhattan, is the same as that of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4, but here the missions expand several locations, with other features that will give the player the feeling of exploring new places – and under the snows of the winter, which is a postcard from New York.

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“The map is the same size, but the missions expand areas. We made research trips to the site to make sure the culture was correct. Winter gives the game a whole new aesthetic. We believe that the player will feel this evolving city, will see new buildings, try other things ”, clarified Brian and Cameron.

Combat: Venom power

One of the novelties of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales it is the Venom power, a kind of “God” mode in which the hero uses powers of electricity to throw super punches capable of taking down someone as imposing as Rhino.

[[GIAN, please keep an eye on the following excerpt, please: Artificial intelligence has been improved. So, if you are more powerful, opponents are also]

Speaking of Rhino, by the way, Peter’s call was precisely for Miles to help him intervene an attack by the evildoer. The stretch in which the two chase the villain, who runs rampant through countless city environments, is one of those trademarks of Insomniac: building spectacular audiovisual scenes, with much destruction, thousands of elements flying smashed across the screen, explosions and a shower of particles .

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“More surfaces to stick, a device that can be detonated remotely to stun bandits, maximizing combos. The combat is based on Peter Parker, but Miles has his own resources, his movement and his style. We wanted to make sure that artificial intelligence was improved. So, if you are more powerful, so are your opponents ”, explained the directors, who also praised the new types of enemies.

More tactical possibilities and secondary activities

The skill tree was not shown in this gameplay video, but the artists said the game will have a range of tactical possibilities over the previous title, with a strong focus on stealth – and the right to temporary invisibility.

“You unlock skills that allow you to adjust your gameplay. Want to focus on Venom scams? No stealth? In traditional punches? The player can invest in what seems best to him ”, they pointed out.

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Miles can access an app to check a series of secondary activities to be carried out, such as assault reports, personal favors and other things “that have history and depth”, in the words of the directors, who wanted to guarantee optional missions with meaning to the adventure.

DualSense and haptic vibration

The PS5 version of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will make great use of DualSense features, especially the vibration system.

“You can feel the electricity running through the control, the vibration stronger on one side, less strong on the other. When crossing the city, the control adapts to the triggers. Can you feel the resistance [da teia], you can feel when it stuck to a place and that can change ”, explained the developers.

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The cat in the backpack!

Do you know that cat in the backpack? Who appeared in one of the last videos of the game? It’s the “Spider-Man the cat” (or Bodega Cat Suit). Brian and Cameron said that this was a “perfect example of something that had not been imagined” and ended up being included in the game due to the fate of spontaneity.

“The internet started with this fever and we thought:‘ What if it was in the suitcase? ’Let’s put on a uniform. An animator asked if he could animate the animal. So it was an organic process with the team and everyone got involved in the idea ”, they revealed.

-Source: PlayStation / Disclosure

Beauty: how long to close the game?

Not to mention an estimated number of hours, the directors said that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a “full story arc for Miles, the same AAA production value, a stand-alone game, similar to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Uncharted 4, packed with things to do ”.

“Miles is a hero of great inspiration, with a story of great inspiration for everyone”, they concluded.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be released along with the PlayStation 5, on November 12, and will also have a PS4 version, scheduled for the same date. In Brazil, the new Sony console and the game arrive on the 19th. How are your expectations? Tell us down here in the comments field.

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