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Anyone who has just met me or followed me on social media must have noticed my great passion for comics. And it’s always cool to be able to add one passion to the other, as is the case of having the opportunity to evaluate a preview of the game Marvel’s Avengers, in name of Tecnoblog. This is not only one of the most anticipated games of the year, but also a new step in the entertainment market for the famous team of heroes, after the end of the cinematic saga in Avengers: Endgame, 2019.

This test was conducted with the beta phase of Marvel’s Avengers, launched by Square Enix first on PS4, with some advance, which will then be open to all players not only on the Sony console, but also on Xbox One.

In addition to containing small parts of the game cut out to give users a better idea of ​​the final product, the beta also brought some good portions that should be in the final game, such as collectibles, a store with cosmetic items for the characters and a generous segment of the plot with the main heroes.

Remember that Marvel’s Avengers will be released in a little less than a month, on September 4, so it may be possible to say that much of what is in the beta will be reflected in the final content.

Everything leads to the Avengers

The beta starts at a part of the storyline that, apparently, is also the beginning of the game itself. A narration by young Kamala Khan, who later becomes the heroine Miss Marvel, talks a little about the Avengers and how important they are to the world – but something goes wrong.

Apparently, a new terrorist force appears in the midst of a celebration involving the Avengers and the city of San Francisco, in the USA, while the famous Golden Gate is about to fall and the heroes need to do everything to save lives.

In a few minutes, everything is delivered to chaos and the team needs to act, which transfers control to the player’s hands, little by little, while we get to know each of the characters present in this introduction.

Unique controls

Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow are the first, and until then unique, characters that we controlled at the beginning of the adventure. Each has its own control features and this is clear in the introduction, which also serves as a tutorial.

Hulk is a force of mass destruction. It is a little slow, but it has heavy and strong strokes. Captain America is guaranteed in combos, reminiscent of the fighting system that was seen in the Batman Arkham series. In turn, Iron Man can fly freely through the scene and attack with projectiles, loaded or automatic, capable of chasing enemies.

Marvel’s Avengers / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

Black Widow and Thor seem to be a mix of the other heroes. While Thor is also rough as Hulk, he is, at the same time, more agile and uses the Mjölnir hammer to deal with enemies in the area. Black Widow resembles the Captain with his combos system, but he also guarantees himself with technological equipment that stuns enemies and firearms.

The versatility of each hero makes it clear that Marvel’s Avengers is not a game to be enjoyed with one character until the end.

This does not mean, however, that each character sounds like “a totally different game” thanks to unique controls. On the contrary. Later on it becomes clear that everyone has similarities here or there, like the special attack system, which is basically the same for everyone. But there is a clear effort to make heroes different.

So … Is it Destiny?

Much has been said about Marvel’s Avengers being a “game as a service”. That is, a “live game”, with constant updates, without necessarily depending on a sequence and with phases that are always generated on different maps, to enjoy with friends via multiplayer.

Yes, Marvel’s Avengers looks like Destiny – and the like.

Marvel’s Avengers / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

After the long introduction, which still has an initial phase divided between Miss Marvel and Hulk, we are placed inside Chimera, the base of the Avengers, to select missions and evolve the characters.

All of this is very similar to the Activision Blizzard game, but it’s not exactly a bad thing. After all, being highly inspired is not a problem, as long as it is not an exact copy or, in other words, plagiarism without the least bit of shame.

And in fact, Marvel’s Avengers is able to present a certain personality. Not only because it is in third person and with several different characters – which, in itself, would be a game with several classes, against only three of Destiny, without going into the merit of subclasses -, but also for making good use of characters already well known in cinemas and comics.

Marvel’s Avengers / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

It is also possible to equip characters with items we find on the map, improve existing equipment, train and test what works best with each hero

There seems to be no shortage of content

Marvel’s Avengers, in beta, released a fair amount of play money so that fans can buy content from the game’s online store, before it is released and without spending even a penny of their precious real money.

And the content, for now, is very complete, between paid and free, found by the phases. There are extra clothes for the characters, collectible comics, nameplates to play online. In these terms, Avengers seems to be a game that will last a long time before we run out of interactive features – with the possibility of always having more coming from the update.

Marvel’s Avengers / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

Another point that may be interesting will be the post-launch content. Heroes like Hawkeye and Spider-Man (this one on PS4 only) are already confirmed as DLC and will be free. Marvel’s Avengers seems to follow the Overwatch path in this regard, offering extra heroes at no additional cost, even if cosmetics are charged.

The phases are a little worrying, at least in beta. They seem a little repetitive and are in danger of sounding monotonous. A variety of enemies were lacking, challenges that go beyond “reach point X on the map” or “defend your base from enemies”. Of course, because it is a cut of the complete game, it is not possible to spike, for sure, that the final game will be all this way, but it is still cause for concern.

Another possible concern is the stability of the servers. It was not uncommon to experience disconnections and failures to start a game in the company of other participants. But, as it is a beta, frustrations like that are still passable and acceptable, since the proposal is to test the game to fix the house before it is released.

The future of the game

I decided not to address, in this preview, small technical and controversial details like graphics and dubbing, but it is worth some mention and a certain twist to see how the result of the work in these two aspects will be in the final version.

In terms of visuals, Avengers does not lag behind the main action games of the moment, although some players may be bothered by a certain slowness in some more tumultuous scenarios.

Marvel’s Avengers / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

But the game was severely criticized in its revelation for presenting graphics that seemed outdated and, frankly, that doesn’t quite match what is seen in the beta. Check out the full game, but Marvel’s Avengers looks like a visually decent game.

My biggest scold really is with the audio work in Portuguese. I cannot understand and accept the need to translate the entire game, but keep names of heroes and teams in English. Avengers become Avengers, Iron Man becomes Iron Man, Black Widow is Black Widow.

If they were characters unknown to the general public, I wouldn’t complain much, but they are figures that have existed in the world and in Brazil for many years, with hundreds of magazines published on newsstands, cartoons, films – all with the name translated.

Marvel’s Avengers / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

This was a flaw seen in Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Iron Man VR, both on PS4, and is now repeated in Marvel’s Avengers. There seems to be a pattern, but it’s a bad one.

Conclusion: Marvel’s Avengers

I started this preview talking about my love for the characters and the comics. And it’s true. Marvel’s Avengers is a product inspired by another, the Avengers comic books, although the biggest appeal is the popularity that the heroes have achieved in theaters.

But the game, at least in beta, has a strong appeal for those who also like the heroes’ comics. Starting with the villains of IMA (Advanced Mechanical Ideas), who were seen very little in theaters, just like a tip in the terrible Iron Man 3.

We also know that MODOK will be one of the greatest villains in history, and he is also unheard of in theaters. Kamala Khan is another one that is about to debut in the audiovisual universe. In addition, the collectibles use art and covers from the original comics, which is always a delight of tributes and references.

Marvel’s Avengers / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

The beta showed that, at least initially, Marvel’s Avengers does want movie fans, but it will not completely separate from its roots. I venture to say that anyone who is a longtime reader can feel more comfortable and have more fun with the game.

Now it is waiting for the release, on September 4, on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Remember that the game is also guaranteed on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but the date of these versions has not been revealed yet.

And you, do you intend to test the beta before launching? Comment what you expect from the game!

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