Markotic threatens citizens with punishment. We have pictures of a couple of citizens who do not adhere to the measures

“I hope that in Croatia we will not have to follow the models of other countries and introduce penalties for non-compliance with measures,” said yesterday the head of Zagreb’s Zarazna, Alemka Markotić.

“Obviously we already have a circulating virus, it’s good until a lot of people are confirmed as infected. People have stopped wearing masks in both shops and cafes … Unfortunately, more and more people are not keeping their distance either in shops or anywhere. Better to we try to follow the rules, masks must be worn in public transport and indoors, “Markotic told Vecernji, adding that people must be reminded that we can live a normal life that still requires respect for certain measures.

And Markotić is right, the citizens have really relaxed in recent days.

A few examples of citizens who relaxed forgot to adhere to the measures

For example, citizen Krunoslav Capak relaxed.

He attended a conference on Monday. As the footage confirmed, he not only did not keep any distance from the other participants with whom he was photographed, let alone a distance of 1.5 meters indoors, which he and his staff have been repeating for months, but hugged and squeezed with them.

A few days later, one of the people present at the conference was confirmed to have a coronavirus infection, and Capak ended up in self-isolation for two weeks.

Two days after being in contact with an infected person he appeared at another conference in again hugged to be photographed with participants. On that occasion, he took photos with citizen Sandra Perkovć, citizen Dragan Primorac, citizen Zlatko Mateš and others.

Before Capak, citizen Maja Grba Bujević also relaxed.

She hugged citizen Andrej Plenković while he was visiting the Clinic for Infectious Diseases “Dr. Fran Mihaljević”, where the director is Markotić. Behind her, look, Capak is also smiling happily, huddled next to a citizen – Plenković’s bodyguard.

Citizen Plenković also relaxed, as we have already mentioned. He clashed with citizens – party colleagues at the celebration of the anniversary of the Flash, more than a month and a half ago. With them, those citizens who are also party colleagues, have been squeezing ever since, you will hardly find a single photo in which he is not in a relationship with someone. The campaign is though.

Citizen Beroš also relaxed during the campaign and forgot about the social distance, but at least he remembers here and there, so it seems to those with whom he is squeezing that they are a little too close.

Due to the campaign, citizen Davor Božinović also forgot at a distance. Here he is, squeezing with a hundred party colleagues. Admittedly, at least here and there he remembered that he should keep his distance, so he said it out loud.

Citizen Markotić, even if we were just splitting, does not keep enough distance, for example in this picture with citizen Božinović and citizen Plenković.

What will we do with citizens who do not adhere to measures and accuse other citizens of not adhering to measures and threatening them with penalties?

These are just a few examples of citizens who have forgotten, as the Headquarters has reminded us many times, the most important measure of social distance.

The problem is that among them are those who call on citizens to relax.

After the media published footage showing that Krunoslav Capak, one of the main figures of the Headquarters and a key person for the adoption of epidemiological measures, did not follow his own measures at all, the HZZJ defended itself only that the footage published by the media did not infect a person. , but they did not say a word about Capak’s squeezing and hugging and how this is in line with what the Headquarters repeats to the citizens day after day when it comes to keeping their distance.

In her speech, in which she threatened to punish the citizens if they did not adhere to the measures, Markotić did not remember her colleagues who forgot at a distance as soon as they had to push in front of the camera, and completely beheaded and forgot about her when they had to push in front of the cameras. Plenković.

Therefore, Markotić should be asked who will be the first to receive the announced fines from the Headquarters and politics.

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