Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a Wii U gem that deserves a stage on the Switch

For those few who had a Wii U here in Brazil (and I include myself), Nintendo’s least popular console was home to fantastic games that didn’t have their deserved prominence. Among them we have the launch of a Mario 3D which broke the hegemony of the famous “exploration marios” a little, returning more to the fun and creative phases, in addition to focusing on the arcade style.

Super Mario 3D World is a gem that was, until now, stuck in a video game that had little adhesion, but gains new life in the spotlight of the Switch and with news: the possibility of playing at a distance with online and DLC Bowser’s Fury, which brings a new perspective on the mechanics of the base game. So, check out the full analysis of Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury bellow!

The video analysis is in production and will be posted soon.

Fun for you and friends

The pillar of Mario 3D Worlds it’s fun: the purest and simplest joy of having well-built levels and full of creative elements that captivate us to complete them and collect all the stars and stamps, not because it’s mandatory or something, but because it seems like a waste do not enjoy every corner of the spectacular level design.

That Mario 3D is really out of the curve and leaves out exacerbated exploitation and collecting, as in Mario Odyssey or Mario Galaxy. Here, it’s almost as if classic games take a three-dimensional perspective, but with an extra spice to the mix: multiplayer for up to four people.

In other words, it’s like New Super Mario Wii abandoned the 2.5D perspective and bet on ideas that are still creative. As you might expect from a classic Nintendo game, the levels are individually unique and full of diverse ideas that, however repeated here and there, always bring a different approach to keep us entertained from beginning to end.

How about screens that use shadows and games of light to overcome the challenges? Or in other phases when we need to swim to collect as many collectibles as possible while using our reflexes? Or of course, how can we not mention the power to transform into a kitten and have new powers in the series that open up a new range of possibilities and secrets?

Okay, I think it was pretty clear that Mario 3D World it’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? There is room for every type of challenge you can imagine, in addition to Captain Toad minigames, who even won their own game later. But there is even more space to talk about the qualities of the game, as all this applies only to the single player.

The whole adventure of Mario 3D World can be shared with three more friends, totaling a multiplayer of up to four people. Playing in this way can be simply chaotic and full of laughter without aiming at anything other than finishing the level or simply trying to compete in a weird and challenging way.

Make no mistake: there are many challenges here

Begin Mario 3D World it can give the wrong impression to first-timers, as it looks more “silly” and simple than it really is. And, in fact, the first levels may be easier (except for collectors who get all the stars and stickers), but make no mistake: the progressive difficulty is really very good here.

The later levels bring really challenging mechanics and you can bet that to get all the stars you need a lot of skill and perseverance (even more with time decreasing, a very arcade game mechanic). In addition to balancing frustration and challenge well most of the time – but not always – there is plenty of room for a replay factor here, especially when played with friends.


Speaking of multiplayer, make no mistake: having more than one player in the equation adds more difficulty, despite not being common sense in franchise titles. It is much more difficult to orient yourself with the game camera with four people performing different activities and it takes a lot of coordination and synergy to overcome the challenges.

A little more dated than it looks (but still worth it)

When Mario 3D World was released on the Wii U, it quickly became one of those games that rocked many to buy the console to have fun with friends. However, it is worth mentioning that this launch was more than seven years ago and, since then, new gameplay standards have arrived and others are not so well regarded: after all, we are talking about more than a generation of difference.

Without a shadow of doubt Mario 3D World it’s an excellent game, but not everything has aged so well. The camera, which can be rotated in very few directions and on very rare occasions, does not favor as many levels as it could, especially in some boss fights.


In addition, the multiplayer part can be chaotic too much, as it mixes both cooperation and competition and, depending on who you play with, there are more frustrations than fun. There are other negative points, but we will talk about it soon.

Bowser’s Fury is a short DLC, but it adds a lot to the game’s value

One of the most interesting aspects of the Mario 3D World pack on the Switch is the Bowser’s Fury DLC, which, despite maintaining many mechanics of the original game, brings a change in the formula that looks more like a mixture of Mario 2D with Mario Odyssey, with an “open world” to be explored and more connected challenges instead of individual phases.

The combination is interesting and has its high points, running away from the theme of the base game. It is necessary to collect feline suns to free new parts of the island where Bowser has lost control and is terrorizing the place and, finally, to fight the villain in the biggest kaijus battle of Godzilla.

The creative stroke here is that every time, Bowser invades the island and invokes a storm, launching new blocks to more easily scale some areas, but also fireballs and powerful bursts that can hinder the advance (or open secret areas) .

The formula is interesting and has its high points, but the fights against Bowser are repetitive and the DLC is very short, lasting about three hours to complete and some others to make 100%. It’s a great addition, no doubt, but not essential for anyone who has played the game on Wii U.

In terms of “remaster”, Mario 3D World is yet another improved port

When it comes to Wii U games on the Nintendo Switch, the final result is not always something we can call a remaster, since in terms of raw firepower the Big N hybrid notebook is not extremely more powerful than the last console of table. As you might imagine, there are few visual changes worth noting here.

There is a slight increase in resolution in Mario 3D World, going from 720p to what appears to be dynamic 1080p, but there are other visual elements that do not favor the presentation, such as a possible reconstruction of pixels and small visual bugs. Yes, the image is better than on the Wii U, but not universally better as we’ve seen with other games, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


The good part is that the fluid experience at 60 fps, ideal for games in the franchise that require precision movement, is maintained at 3D World. In Bowser’s Fury, clearly the resolution is lower, possibly 720p, and there are small losses in performance when the storm arrives, but nothing that gets in the way of the experience. Interestingly, the DLC runs at 30 fps in portable mode, which also has some frame pacing problems.

If we analyze the expansion photo mode, it is possible to see a much higher quality, with significant improvements in resolution, shadows, lighting and rendering distance. However, as you might imagine, the Switch’s hardware cannot handle all of the graphics effects at once and the result is quite poor performance. But it is interesting to note, anyway.

On the gameplay side, there’s not much to talk about, but there’s a necessary change: when played in dock mode, Mario 3D World exchange the touchscreen of the Wii U Gamepad for the accelerometer and the R button. It’s not ideal and part of the level secrets are so easily accessible, but at least it works.

Last but not least, the relaunch of the game brings a feature that is simply essential in 2021: an online multiplayer mode. Before, only shared sofa gambling existed. It’s not incredible, since Nintendo doesn’t usually have the best online infrastructure, but you can play. However, don’t be surprised to see choking on the connection, even with people in the same city as you.


It is worth it?

Certainly, the relaunch of Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury adds a very good package for people who were beaten by the game at the time of its launch, on the Wii U. The DLC may not be the longest yet seen, nor the most innovative, but the expansion combo plus a base game very entertaining is a tempting offer for those who will see everything in an unprecedented way.

For those who have already taken advantage of everything the game had to offer on Wii U, it is difficult to recommend buying the game again, since the DLC is short and the online one is not so robust as to justify a new purchase. However, considering the fun-packed package, perhaps even for those who have already explored the cable-to-tail game there is still a lot of value here.

Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury was kindly provided by Nintendo to carry out this analysis.

Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a great choice for players who didn’t have a Wii U and an excellent game for the Switch library.

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