Malaysia detains two women who claim part of Sunda Empire

Jakarta, IDN Times – Two women named Fathia Reza (36) and Lamira Roro (34) were detained by Malaysian Immigration for 13 years. Both were detained since 2007 because they were found entering from the Kuching, Sarawak area and carrying a Sunda Empire diplomatic passport.

According to the Coordinator of the Socio-Cultural Information Function of the Indonesian Embassy in KL, Agung Cahya Sumirat were both known to have entered from Brunei Darussalam. Because the Jiran authorities knew about the Sunda Empire polemic, as a result they requested that the Indonesian Embassy conduct interviews to identify whether they were Indonesian citizens.

Through short messages to IDN Times On Saturday night (6/27), Fathia and Lamira did not recognize them as Indonesian citizens. As a result, by Malaysian immigration, the two women were declared to have no citizenship alias stateless.

“They are considered stateless by Malaysia. The Indonesian Embassy cannot give Indonesian citizens status because they do not want to recognize as Indonesian citizens, “Agung said last night.

He said when the two were met at the Immigration Depot in Melaka, they did not bring any other documents showing they were from Indonesia. Agung said during the interview process, communication was carried out in English.

Then, why until now both are still being held by the Malaysian immigration authorities? What is the statement of the two parents Fathia and Lamira who are currently undergoing trial at the Bandung District Court for being accused of spreading false news to the public by claiming Sunda Empire really exists?

1. Fathia and Lamira were arrested by immigration for carrying a Sunda Empire passport not recognized by Malaysian authorities

(Fathia’s passport claiming to represent Sunda Empire)

Hong Kong Daily, South China Morning Post (SCMP) Saturday edition (27/6) reported that Fathia and Lamira were detained by immigration from neighboring countries for carrying a Sunda Empire diplomatic passport. Meanwhile, authorities in Malaysia do not recognize or recognize the existence of Sunda Empire as a state entity.

Agung also admitted that this problem had dragged on because the two women refused to claim to be Indonesian citizens.

“They insist they are Sundanese Empire citizens. Finally, Malaysian immigration has declared their status as stateless“Agung said again.

That is why Fathia and Lamira are still in detention at the immigration depot. In fact, if they claim to be Indonesian citizens and are proven, the authorities in the neighboring country can deport them to the country.

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2. Prosecutors say two children of Sunda Empire’s top brass are in Malaysia in search of fictitious treasures worth US $ 500 million

Malaysia detains two women who claim part of Sunda Empire (Two women who were detained in Malaysia and claimed to be from the Kingdom of Sunda Empire)

Meanwhile, in the inaugural session involving two Sunda Empira officials namely Nasri Bank and Raden Ratnaningrum it was revealed that Sunda Empire was made because their child was detained in Malaysia. West Java Prosecutor General Prosecutor (Prosecutor) Suharja said the two went to Malaysia to explore the fictitious treasure of Sunda Empire worth US $ 500 million. However, because they were caught using a fake passport, Fathia and Lamira were detained by the neighboring immigration authorities.

“Based on this, defendants Nasri Banks and Raden Ratnaningrum in 2003 established Sunda Empire in order to repatriate their two daughters who had been detained in Malaysia for 13 years under UNHCR supervision,” Suharja said in PN Bandung and was quoted by the news agency Among.

He explained that the two princesses of Sunda Empire were only jailed for one year and five months. However, they are reluctant to return home and consider being the princess of the fictional empire.

The legal counsel of the two defendants, Misbahul Huda, confirmed that his client’s child was indeed jailed in Malaysia. However, about their purpose in going to Malaysia to trace fictitious assets such as prosecutors’ charges, that still needs further proof.

“That has nothing to do with this case. The information is there (being held in prison), but if he has been detained until now, we do not know yet,” Misbahul said.

3. Three high-ranking Sunda Empire officials were charged with spreading false news and threatened with 10 years of jail sentence

Malaysia detains two women who claim part of Sunda Empire

Previously, the Sunda Empire Empire-Earth Empire collapsed in the hands of West Java Regional Police. Three top Sunda Empire leaders claiming to be the largest kingdom in the world were named suspects (28/1).

The three top brass, namely Nasri Bank alias NB, Ki ageng Rangga Sasana alias KARS and Raden Ratna Ningrum (RRN) were charged with Article 14 and or 15 of RI Law number 1 in 1946. No half-life threats they would face would reach a maximum of 10 years.

West Java Regional Police Head of Public Relations, Chief Commissioner (Pol) Saptono Erlangga said, Sunda Empire was alleged to have committed a crime of making mischief and false news to the public.

“All three are known to have committed acts of deception to the public and caused mischief,” said Erlangga.

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