Making 3D without glasses with a laptop is possible!

Making creations and designs in stereoscopic 3D is no longer reserved for an elite or for owners of glasses adapted for this use. Thanks to SpatialLabs technology, it is now possible to take advantage of a complete and efficient tool directly on an Acer laptop PC from the ConceptD range, designed for professionals and creatives.

What is SpatialLabs?

SpatialLabs brings together a suite of optical technologies capable of stereoscopic 3D rendering. In other words, a computer with SpatialLabs can do “Take the image out of the screen” in order to create a 3D experience.

To do this, the device is equipped with an optical lens and another component essential for the proper functioning of the technology, a stereo camera with a system for tracking eye and head movements.

With such hardware equipment coupled with the power of Acer’s software, SpatialLabs manages to create a slightly different image for each of our eyes by way of refraction. Our brain then interprets this incongruity by a three-dimensional image. Stereoscopic 3D is used in particular in cinemas to enhance immersion. Here, transposed on a laptop PC, it will mainly be used to visualize 3D models in a professional setting.

Which profiles are targeted?

With SpatialLabs, Acer wants to simplify and make less expensive certain activities requiring the use of 3D, as well as offer increased productivity to users. This allows CAD (computer aided design) designers to examine their 3D projects in a full stereoscopic 3D environment to better visualize what they have designed.

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CGI (Digital Special Effects) designers can view their animations in real time to help them create even more realistic models and characters. Developers can also benefit from it, with the opportunity to be able to carry out and present projects in another way.

SpatialLabs takes advantage of real-time rendering technologies, so the 3D display process takes place instantly. This means that if a user turns their head, the stereoscopic 3D image automatically adjusts. And thanks to AI and the SpatialLabs Go solution, a certified computer can generate stereoscopic 3D images from standard 2D content, such as photos, videos, games or even video conferences.

A smart software solution

SpatialLabs offers compatibility with all major 3D file formats (OBJ, FBX, STEP, STL, COLLADA, IGES, glTF, 3DS, BLEND, PLY, DAE and IGS). All you have to do is import a 3D model into the software’s Model Viewer to generate the stereoscopic 3D display. In addition, the tool lets the creator adjust lighting, textures and HDRI backgrounds in real time to perfect their presentation.

spatial labs acer

Eight software suites popular with creators (Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Rhinoceros, Cura, Blender, SketchUp and Zbrush) benefit from add-ons to enrich and improve the experience, in particular to facilitate the ‘exporting models created from these applications to SpatialLabs Model Viewer.

Acer has launched a dedicated site for SpatialLabs developers, where they can access various resources to carry out their projects. It includes a plug-in for the Unreal Engine, as well as support for Ultraleap, a technology that allows users to perform action commands with hand gestures rather than a mouse or mouse. other type controller.

And that’s not all since SpatialLabs also supports multiscreen. In addition to your certified laptop PC, you can connect a traditional external monitor with 2D panel, which is then used to create or modify 3D content, which can be viewed in 3D on the laptop screen. What to work more efficiently.

Le ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition

Spearheading this technology, the new ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition is a true mobile workstation for demanding users. It features a PANTONE Validated certified 4K UHD display covering 100% of the Adobe RGB color gamut and displaying a Delta E <2 color accuracy index. Ideal for professionals.

Who says 3D design, says muscular configuration, with an 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor coupled with a high-end graphics card from NVIDIA: the GeForce RTX 3080. The PC also comes with 64 GB of DRR4 RAM and SSD storage space Comfortable 2TB PCIe NVMe.

The ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition will be available in Europe from December 2021 at the recommended price of 3,599 euros including tax.

This article is an Acer sponsored publication.

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