Lucifer: 10 Best Lucifer Morningstar Quotes in the Series


the 6th season of Lucifer it only debuts on September 10th on Netflix. But to kill the nostalgia of the characters in the production, we selected some of the most iconic phrases from the main protagonist (played by Tom Ellis). With good insights, acid humor and tirades, Lucifer Morningstar always finds a way to draw attention to the context in which the phrase is inserted.

So, check out the 10 best phrases of the character!

10. “It hurts not to be accepted for being who you are”

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One of the character’s big issues throughout the series is the acceptance of his own status as one of Hell’s administrators. In the plot, after relinquishing the throne of the place, the devil himself decides to spend a sabbatical period in Los Angeles. However, he ends up getting involved in the investigation of some crimes and falling in love.

When Chloe (Lauren German) comes into his life, all his secrets are, little by little, exposed to her. However, several times the detective had doubts about maintaining this relationship because of this supernatural side.

9. “Desire must not be contained, as that would be unnatural”

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With his seductive and charming look, Lucifer has the power to attract the deepest desires of anyone. Thus, your philosophy of life is to allow yourself whenever you want, because what is imposed needs to be natural in some way. And with that, he also ends up encouraging others to do the same, following all their desires and instincts.

8. “Why do humans think they can fix a problem with others?”

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Although at first this sentence looks a lot like something difficult to be assimilated, when analyzing it coldly it is possible to perceive its true meaning. There is great irony in this statement, showing that human beings have a relentless quest for revenge most of the time, arranging new problems when they could simply solve them.

7. “I want you to teach me your secret. I want you to show me how to be a tool”

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During the first seasons, due to his colossal passion for Chloe, Lucifer tried to mold himself to humans, trying to understand how the issue of feelings and relationships worked. When Dan (Kevin Alejandro) also demonstrated to be in love with Chloe, Lucifer’s irritation was gigantic, wanting to know even more about how he could conquer her or still be as close to humans as possible.

6. “You send yourself when you are driven by your own fault”

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This phrase was said in the context of how people get to Hell. There, the character described that once at the scene, everyone is forced to relive their sins continuously and in a much more painful way. According to him, the doors are always open, leaving the way free for liberation, but that guilt is greater than any free will.

5. “They will have more opinions than the people on Twitter, but really, heaven was never a democracy”

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One of the most fun things about the development of the series is how Lucifer always tries to understand humans, interactions and forms of communication. He knows, for example, that this social network in question was made so that people can express their feelings instantly, in addition to issuing different opinions.

When Chloe asks if the angels would accept him as God’s successor, he then blurted out this super funny phrase.

4. “Excuses are like m#$%&. Everyone has it, but no one wants to hear it”

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This makes evident how the protagonist’s personality works, being something totally brazen, unfiltered and at the same time funny. Gradually, the character was changing, but many of his experiences are kept. So excuses need to be true when they happen, he says.

3. “For Daddy’s sake”

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In a very interesting and curious way, one of the most spoken phrases by the world population gained new air with Lucifer. Since God is your father, when you find yourself in an incredibly challenging situation, these words come together in a cute and amusing way. Other popular phrases also appeared in the scripts, such as the expression “playing devil’s advocate”, but with “playing my lawyer”.

2. “I love Los Angeles because even homeless people have an IMDb page.”

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The famous Internet Movie Database reference site acts as a great information provider about audiovisual productions. In Los Angeles, a city where many movies and series are made, it is quite common that several Hollywood stars are seen on the streets. Lucifer found this fascinating, realizing that even homeless people had taken part in some projects before.

1. “Tell me: what do you really want?”

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Closing the list with the most famous catchphrase from Lucifer. Whenever this sentence is said when the character stares into someone’s eyes, that person can fall into a trance and reveal all that is darkest and deepest in their being. The tool has become quite efficient in working with the police, but also quite dangerous on many levels.

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