Lost in Random is like a dark children’s tale full of randomness

The EA Originals label has already made several fun and very different games possible, such as It Takes Two, Unravel and Faith. The latter was made by Zoik, the Swedish developer behind Lost in Random, a game that takes the word “random” very seriously. We were able to chat with those responsible for the title and play their first few hours and here are our initial impressions of it.

A children’s tale by Tim Burton?

the plot of Lost in Random it has a taste of a dark children’s tale, a bit like The Strange World of Jack or even Coraline. We accompany the young Even, together with her cubic companion Dicey, who must travel across all six kingdoms to save her sister Odd who was taken by the Queen to live with her in Sixtopia.

If you understand the English language, you noticed that the names of the protagonist and her sister are respectively Even and Odd in Portuguese. This is just one of the many puns on names that the game presents related to numbers and luck, because in this universe “Random is fair, Random prevails and Random governs”.

Even could do nothing when his sister was taken by the Queen.Source:  Voxel

During the almost 4 hours of gameplay that I was able to play, I visited the decadent Onecraft and the bipolar Two-Town, the first two realms that present several aesthetic and cultural differences. It made me enter that world in my head and appreciate every detail and dialogue very carefully.

In the dialogue part, they sin for not presenting lip sync on the part of the NPCs and for being relatively long, but impresses for the spectacular voice work and for making the player even more aware of this universe. It’s a shame that the sudden transition between them and gambling, even counting on a slight black tele between the two, ends up hampering the immersion a little.

The player can choose what to say to the characters he meets on his journey.The player can choose what to say to the characters he meets on his journey.Source:  Voxel

Damn the database and letters

Don’t be fooled by the above subtitle: combat is done using swords, bows, slingshots and even bombs, but everything revolves around a dice and a deck of cards.

As mentioned earlier, Even is accompanied by little Dicey, a cube that speaks a totally bizarre language but that everyone in that world apparently understands. In addition to being your faithful squire, he is used to generate mana during clashes.

Hordes of enemies will hunt Even, who can only do two things: run and crash.Hordes of enemies will hunt Even, who can only do two things: run and crash.Source:  Voxel

When encountering an enemy, your only weapon is a slingshot that, as it does not deal damage, must be used to break the blue crystals that grow in the enemies’ bodies. As you collect them, a sidebar grows and pulls cards from Even’s deck. Each has a cost, an ability, and a type, such as damage, defense, and cheating. To use it, you have to play Dicey and hope it lands in a good number that allows you to apply the best strategy possible at that moment.

As Klaus Lyngeled, head of game development, said, the player will need to accept the result, adding a strategic depth to these battles. And it is noteworthy that the items have durability, which forces the player to constantly draw new cards.

And the title has a mechanic for creating decks as new cards can be bought with Mannie Dex (yes, one more pun). Thus, each player can assemble the best combination for their style of play.

There is a very wide variety of cards to be drawn.There is a very wide variety of cards to be drawn.Source:  Voxel

Where is the Portuguese?

So far, we don’t know if Lost in Random will have localization in Portuguese. On the menu, I could count approximately 6 languages, such as German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and English. This hindered me in a mission and I believe that others may have this problem if the title does not have subtitles in our dear language.

At one point, in Two-Town, I had to ask a favor of a character who loved rhyming but had no aptitude for such an activity. He then asks to help him create a poem for his “second moon”, being necessary to complete the sentence with a word that he asked, that rhymes with the rest. As there were several words that I had never seen in my life, I had to start kicking and starting again after each mistake, which generated a little frustration in me.

Similar words, similar sounds but different meanings.Similar words, similar sounds but different meanings.Source:  Voxel

I believe this won’t be in other moments of the title, but it’s a little bothersome especially considering that Brazil is one of the biggest video game markets in the world. EA has a great history regarding localizing games for our country, but this information is not even on the game’s Steam page bothers a lot.

Lost in Random will be released on September 10th for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, and will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S through backwards compatibility.

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