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A L’Oreal used your space on CES 2022 to present an invention focused on DIY (Do It Yourself) followers who risk coloring their hair at home, without the help of a professional. called from Colorsonic, the device promises to make life easier for adventurers who, like me, have also suffered from stains all over the bathroom — that’s because the gadget makes the process a little more assertive (let’s say the paint is exactly where it needs to be: on the wires). But maybe that’s not enough.

L’Oréal Colorsonic (Image: Press Release/L’Oréal)

Starting at the beginning: Colorsonic has bristles that work as paint applicators – this, in turn, is the result of a mixture between developer and the company’s own pigment formula, and is stored in the lower half of the “brush”, in a cartridge. The bristles move about 300 times a minute to make the application even.

According to L’Oréal, there are currently 40 shades available — with more “daring” predictions over time — so you can choose your own. craziness in a comfortable way. You select your shade directly from the Colorsonic website and the kit is shipped to your home.

After application, if there is still ink, it is possible to store the rest in the cartridge for later retouching. According to Guive Balooch, Global Head of Research and Innovation at L’Oréal’s technology incubator, the company’s objective is “to leverage science and technology to solve long-standing problems for consumers”.

You can watch the promotional video below to get a better sense of how the whole process works:

The company also claims that the system contributes to the planet in a sustainable way, as each cartridge uses 54% less plastic than traditional homemade dye kits.

Although the proposal sounds interesting, I bring my experience of over 15 years with hair coloring at home (without professional help) to warn that Colorsonic only covers one small part of the problem. At least at this stage of development.

As the company itself makes clear, the system is made only for applying the paint to the threads. For people who want to change their hair color starting from a darker base, however, a prior bleaching is needed – this yes, a much more delicate process and with greater risks (those who never missed the bleach and ended up with a chemical cut , you have no idea what despair is!)

In practice, this also means that evenly applying the colorant won’t always translate into evenly dyed hair — if the discoloration is bad, the entire investment in the device and the time spent painting itself will be wasted, the blemishes will go appear anyway.

L’Oréal Colorsonic and hair dye cartridge (Image: Press Release/L’Oréal)

There is also no information on other details, such as the temperature that the applicator reaches when turned on — I’ve had many problems with dryer brushes that overheated unduly and damaged my hair. It would be nice to test one of these to see what it actually behaves like.

The price has not yet been revealed, but the prediction is that the Colorsonic and cartridges will be launched on a large scale in 2023.

All in all, it’s a cool idea, but depending on how much it costs, it might be more interesting to keep the good old brush and my plastic tub to get ready for the next hair adventures. For stains in the sink, a good all-purpose cleaner and a brush work miracles!

And here’s the tip: the ideal is always to look for a colorist to help you get the perfect color safely.

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