LoL: Wild Rift will get big update with new Champions and news

Riot Games showed, this Friday (16), a preview of the 2.4 update that will reach League of Legends: Wild Rift in late July, still without a specific date. Among the main news, the giant update will have new Champions such as Brand and Nunu and Willump, balance changes and reworks.

The announcement was made on video by Alan Moore, the game’s director, who joked that many people had said he was “trapped in the dark”.

new champions

Mirross showed off new Champions such as Brand, the Flaming Revenge, which arrives in the game in September. He is a fire mage that can be used in mid-lane with a support function. His power increases against opponents who are already on fire.

Also introduced were Nunu and Willump, who are a pair that can hunt monsters in the jungle and have ice power. They also arrive in September.

Besides them, Champion Thresh was shown at the end of the video as an easter-egg and a kind of “hook” for the news that will come later.

Later, Riot Games confirmed via the official Twitter account that Viego, champion of the jungle who can steal skills from enemies, will also arrive at wild rift.

Akshan, the Rebel Sentinel, the new Champion who will arrive at the game as early as next week (July 21) has gained more details. Half assassin/half sniper style, it was designed to play mid-lane. He will be able to set up ambushes while camouflaging in the terrain and one of his abilities will be to receive additional gold and revive an ally, eliminating the person responsible for the kill.


The director of the mobile title explained that 19 new items will be added to the game, not counting the balances. Many of the new items were even inspired by the PC version of LoL. Check out the ones that have already been announced below.

  • The Solari Impetuous Blade is a new item for Champions with itemizations focused on critical hits. According to the director, the item grants a stack of Radiance when using an ability, temporarily increasing the critical rate;
  • The Crystalline Reflector is an HP and Armor item and grants mirror shards that reduce physical damage and reflect it to enemies;
  • The Essence Reaver will arrive in Wild Rift to fill the same item niche on the PC, that is, to give strength to Critical Champions who cast many abilities. In the mobile version, the item has 2 passive effects. The first restores mana with attacks and the other increases damage dealt with abilities based on critical rate;
  • Others: The in-game store for mobile phones will also receive versions of items such as Navori Quick Daggers, Knife Rain and Aquafluxo Staff.

Changes in ranked

As the current ranked scheme causes interruptions in the climb, as of the new patch, the series of promotions will be eliminated, making the climb “quieter”. “This is a huge change, so we will be monitoring their impact on other ranked systems such as relegation, scores, marks and bravery,” said Alan Moore.

Selection of Champions

The selection of Champions will also gain news. In the ranked, the last 3 to choose from each team will be able to ban one Champion each. The expectation is that the new ban system will bring an interesting experience without reducing the diversity of choices.

It was also announced that the wild rift decided to make free rotation available “to increase the range of options when the enemy team chooses or bans their choices”.


As it could not be otherwise, some new skins were shown. Check it out below:

  • Kha’zix Black Star;
  • Black Star Varus;
  • Ahri Pop Star;
  • Nunu and Willump Bogeyman;
  • Brand Spiritual Fire;
  • Brand Celestial Arc;
  • Nunu and Willump Zumbi;
  • Senna Old-West;
  • Lucian Old-West;

Other news

In addition to all this, the director also explained about improvements in the Wild Pass (increase in free rewards, for example), new competitive features (more regional rankings), 2 new interfaces to monitor team clashes, new highlights recording system ( including automatic highlights of matches) and sharing moments in various compatible apps.

So, what new feature of patch 2.4 caught your attention the most in LoL: Wild Rift? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!

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