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The World of League of Legends (LoL) is getting closer, and Riot Games is starting to balance as many champions as possible for the tournament. In patch 11.18, which will arrive at MOBA on September 9, 32 characters will have their numbers and powers changed, 23 of which will be stronger and nine will be weakened.

League of Legends (Image: Publicity/Riot Games)

On Twitter, the leading game design for LoL, Jeeven Sidhu, explained that patch 11.18 is just the first part of the balance for the Worlds. Other changes will be included in patch 11.19, on September 22nd.

Among the champions who will be buffed — in other words, getting stronger — are from top lane champions — like Dr. Mundo and Singed — to snipers — like Jinx and Kai’Sa — and even assassins Riot wants to see with more often in the wild, like Zed and Talon.

In summary, the improvements in each character will be as follows:

  • Dr. Mundo: Infected Saw (Q) maximum damage increase on monsters and Maximum Strength (R) effect change;
  • Draven: details not yet released;
  • Fizz: passive skill Light Fighter reduces more damage taken from basic attacks, increased hit damage from Seastone Trident (W), and decreased damage done by Cast Bait (R);
  • Gangplank: details not yet released;
  • Jinx: reduction in mana cost of Swapping! (Q);
  • Kai’sa: reduction in Supercharge (E) recharge time;
  • Karma: increase in base armor and Inspiration shield (E);
  • Kog’Maw: Void Ooze Ability Power multiplier increase (E);
  • Lillia: increased healing of DreamBranch passive ability and movement speed duration of Flowering Blows (Q), reduced cooldown of Spiral Seed (E), and reduced health regeneration of champion;
  • Miss Fortune: increase in the number of waves of Metendo Bala (R);
  • Morgana: Black Shield cooldown reduction (E);
  • Qiyana: increased champion’s attack speed and Ixtal’s Blade (Q) damage, reduced Audacity (E) cooldown and character’s HP regeneration;
  • Rumble: Junk Shield cooldown reduction (W) and removal of the attack speed bonus when overheated from the Junkyard Titan passive ability;
  • Singed: starts to apply Painful Wounds with Potion of Insanity (R);
  • Soraka: proceeds to remove Painful Wounds from allies before healing them with Desire (R);
  • Taliyah: details not yet released;
  • Talon: increased damage dealt to jungle monsters with Rake (W) and reduced damage from Noxian Diplomacy (Q);
  • Twitch: increased Attack Damage bonus Passing Fire (R);
  • Urgot: reduction in the cooldown and mana cost of Corrosive Charge (Q);
  • Yone: increase in shield received by each champion hit with Spirit Rift (W);
  • Yuumi: reduction in cooldown of passive Crash and Block;
  • Zed: now deals more damage to jungle monsters with the passive ability Contempt for the Weak;
  • Zoe: Sleep Bubble cooldown reduction (E).

It’s interesting to see that Riot Games continues to strive to put champions in the jungle that are normally used on the routes. In April of this year, Darius, Diana, Mordekaiser, Morgana and Zed were buffed to better deal with neutral monsters, granting players more hunter options.

Dominant champions in the competitive will get weaker

Meanwhile, champions who are dominant in tournament and competitive matches will get weaker in patch 11.18. The list of nerfed characters features Aphelios, Ashe, Jayce, Kalista, Lee Sin, Rekenton, Thresh, Trundle and Varus. Remember that the rest of the balance for the World Cup LoL it only arrives in patch 11.19.

It’s worth mentioning that balance details such as exact numbers and percentages will be available in the full update notes when patch 11.18 comes out. For now, the changes are on the test server — the PBE — and can still be changed until final release.

With information: DotEsports, Surrender at 20.

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