Liverpool Preimer League Champion, Luis Suarez: Best Henderson Captain

Jakarta, IDN Times – Former Liverpool goal machine, Luis Suarez, could not cover his excitement when his former team won the Premier League championship 2019/2020 after fasting for three decades.

“For me, this is very unusual for the fans, players and many people who work at Liverpool. It’s nice to be able to talk to Liverpool fans about this, because I have played for a number of years there and I have many friends there,” Suarez was quoted as saying on the club’s official website.

This victory is clearly so meaningful for all people who support the Reds in 30 years. Therefore, according to Suarez, they should have enjoyed this excellent opportunity to vent their happiness and enthusiasm after a long hard time.

1. Luis Suarez is happy that Henderson can lift the championship trophy with Liverpool after a difficult time

Luiz Suarez (left) and Jordan Henderson (right) when both were still in Liverpool uniform. (

Jordan Henderson is the only player left at Anfield since Suarez was in the Merseyside squad. Suarez was very impressed and pleased with what Henderson had done, because his former teammate had developed so much.

Suarez said Henderson had a bad moment when he came to Liverpool. He came from Sunderland and went through a difficult time as a young English player because he came to a bigger club.

“When I saw last year he won the Champions League trophy, I was very happy for him. Why? Because as some people know he has some problems with his father and he has very good moments and some bad moments at Liverpool, “the 33-year-old said.

2. Suarez sees Henderson as Liverpool’s best captain

Liverpool Preimer League Champion, Luis Suarez: Best Henderson

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Suarez thinks, Henderson continues to grow from time to time. It was not separated from how he continued to be near Steven Gerrard. According to him, Henderson could see how Stevie struggled at Anfield. That is why Stevie is arguably the best teacher she has.

Slowly his dream began to become a reality, including when Liverpool last season could surprisingly win the Champions League trophy.

“When he lifted the trophy (this season), his dream was completed. It’s nice to see him lift the Premier League trophy because he’s a very good person. We can and we see that Jordan, he is the captain of the midfield. “Jordan is one of the best captains in Liverpool history,” he continued.

3. Suarez remembers the happy moment at Liverpool

Liverpool Preimer League Champion, Luis Suarez: Best Henderson

The Uruguayan recalled when he was still struggling with the red uniform, the greatness of Liverpool. Right in 2014 ago, he almost gave the Premier League trophy for his team. It’s just that, it failed to happen, because Liverpool’s performance declined when the competition entered the final phase.

Despite his failure, Suarez felt that this was the year of his resurrection after receiving a suspension from the federation due to lack of commendable actions on the ground. It was not separated from the encouragement of supporters and the players who helped him return to appear confident and accepted on the field.

“When you see Anfield’s atmosphere, this is motivation and when you come back (after a suspension in 2013), because fans help you, this is very important. When players accept that you return to help the team, it is very important for focus and confidence You, “said the Barcelona player.

“I think we never forgot how we did that year, because we didn’t have a lot of stock of star players like our competitors. We have a very good chance of winning the league, but I think we are (still) very happy with this season.” he remembers the happiest moment with Liverpool in the Premier League.

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