List brings the best mobile games from Marvel

Marvel is a universe that has inspired the gaming world since the first devices. And the culture of taking the heroes and villains of comics remains today, both in the current generation of consoles and in mobile platforms: cell phones and tablets.

Today Voxel brings a list of the best games for iOS and Android from the Marvel comics universe. Check out:

1. Marvel Tournament of Champions

The fighting game brings a wide range of Marvel characters. It allows you to assemble a super team of heroes and villains, divided into elemental categories, with the possibility to evolve them using unlockable items. Fighters must complete Story Mode missions, or they can venture into sporadic events.

Marvel Tournament of ChampionsFonte:  Play Store

The simple gameplay, which is limited to screen taps, is another key factor that makes the game one of the best of its kind for mobile phones and tablets. It is available for free for iOS and Android.

2. Marvel Kingdom of Champions

This thrilling real-time RPG features a host of multiplayer modes. These include 3v3, 2v2v2 matches and cooperative arena battles against hordes of enemies. The game brings a gameplay that mixes MOBA elements with those of hack and slash titles.

Marvel Kingdom of ChampionsMarvel Kingdom of ChampionsFonte:  Play Store

The icing on the cake is the customization options for your champions, where you can unlock hundreds of skins for your characters. The game is available for free for iOS and Android.

3. Marvel Future Fight

very similar to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, the game brings gameplay in the best “style Diablo“, in which it is necessary to gather a small group of heroes to fight an alien invasion that could end life on Earth.

Marvel Future FightMarvel Future FightFonte:  Play Store

A curiosity of Marvel Future Fight is that their characters have characteristics very similar to actors in Marvel movies, especially Thor, Doctor Strange and Captain America. The game is available for free for iOS and Android.

4. Marvel Force Strike

Marvel Strength Strike brings turn-based combat, where you need to assemble a team of heroes to stop the comic book villains. The range is varied and includes characters such as Luke Cage, Electra and Daredevil – which are rare in the Marvel universe games.

Marvel Strength StrikeMarvel Strength StrikeFonte:  Play Store

Strike force features a character evolution system that is very reminiscent of 32-bit RPGs, making nostalgic fans happy. However, much of this system requires a lot of game time or microtransactions. The game is available for free for iOS and Android.

5. Marvel Puzzle Quest Hero RPG

in the best style Candy Crush, the game brings combats between heroes and villains from the comics where you need to perform combinations of colored pieces to attack your opponent. Despite looking simple, the title has a Story Mode and more than 200 characters from Marvel.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Hero RPGMarvel Puzzle Quest Hero RPGFonte:  Play Store

Marvel Puzzle Quest Hero RPG it also brings matches against teams of other players and the possibility to dispute events that happen from time to time. The game is available for free for iOS and Android.

6. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

One of the most famous versions of the franchise LEGO Videogame also arrived for phones and tablets. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes brings a story based on early Marvel movies to theaters, with a good deal of humor.

LEGO Marvel Super HeroesLEGO Marvel Super HeroesFonte:  Play Store

The only difference is in the visual, which brings scenarios and characters simpler than the version for PCs and consoles. The game is available for iOS for R$27.90, and for Android for R$20.99.

7. Marvel Pinball

Marvel Pinball is a 24-table collection of comic book heroes and villains. There are scenarios inspired by Marvel movies for the cinema, and also others based on important stories from the comics, all with a 3D look and full of references.

Marvel PinballMarvel PinballFonte:  Play Store

The game costs R$ 0.90 on both iOS and Android, even so it only entitles you to a single table. The average price of each one is R$10, however, there are scenarios that cost more than R$25.

8. Marvel Future Revolution

This is one of the most recent games on the list, released in 2021 for Android and iOS. Of the entire list, this one is possibly the most beautiful and cinematic, focusing heavily on the narrative of Marvel’s heroes creating the Omega Flight team to save the universe.

The great thing about the game is that it has a very competent action combat, letting the player adventure in combos of different characters and with a lot of action on screen.

9. Marvel Collect! by Topps Card Trader

The last game on our list is a card game focused on expanding your collection even more. You can obtain cards in a variety of ways, such as purchasing special editions of Marvel comic books, or completing in-game events.

Marvel Collect! by Topps Card TraderMarvel Collect! by Topps Card TraderFonte:  Play Store

Marvel Collect! by Topps Card Trader it also offers the option of exchanging your cards with other players around the world, in a system that is very reminiscent of trading cards here in Brazil. The game is available for free for iOS and Android.

And in your opinion, which is the best on our list? Tell us here in the comments!

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