Linux: all the information for you to start using on your PC

Even having a much smaller user base compared to Microsoft’s Windows, Linux is an operating system that has become very popular in recent years, not least because, it is the basis of very popular systems like Google’s Android. Those looking for a new PC or notebook can find equipment that brings the open source system in any of its distributions, which means that the computer can have a much more competitive price, after all, it will not bring the high cost of a license. Windows.

There are several versions of Linux, which are better known as distributions, so that each one has its own characteristics such as a more user-friendly interface, differentiated layout and even limited resources to be able to be executed more fluidly by input devices. If you are interested in Linux, and want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of using an open source operating system, then Tecmundo presents more details of the free operating system.

Linux Ubuntu distribution interface.Linux Ubuntu distribution interface.Source: Reproduction / Pixabay

Free operating system

Linux is nothing more than an operating system based on Unix, so it is open source, that is, freely distributed. Unlike Windows, for example, Linux does not require the purchase of a license to use for most of its distributions, thus allowing anyone interested in using the system to download only the desired version.

Because it uses a differentiated kernel (system base), Linux is not compatible with several programs that are very popular on other systems such as Windows or Mac OS, which makes users need to look for equivalent solutions that are compatible with Linux .


As previously mentioned, Linux has several distributions, or versions available, so that each one has its own interface, usability and resources. For each Linux distribution, there is a target audience, so that the operating system can be chosen according to the user’s needs.

Among the most well-known distributions, we can highlight:

  • Ubuntu Mate, which is an interesting option for those with older hardware;
  • Linux Mint, which brings a more familiar experience for those who migrate from Windows to Linux;
  • Manjaro Linux, which stands out for bringing greater support to games, bringing in some versions the pre-installed Steam software.

Linux terminal is a fundamental tool in all distributions.Linux terminal is a fundamental tool in all distributions.Source: Reproduction / Pixabay


Using Linux is an experience that favors user learning, since, in some distributions, to install software or even perform some system configurations, you will need to enter some commands manually.

Linux can also be considered a more versatile system, after all, the large offer of system distributions makes it very likely that one of the available options can meet your demand both in terms of user experience and performance.

Speaking of performance, Linux tends to offer more performance even on computers with more modest hardware, even being widely used to be installed on older computers and notebooks, bringing more usability to limited devices.

And undoubtedly, one of the great advantages of choosing Linux is its cost, which in most cases is zero. Purchasing a new PC or notebook with Linux can also be cheaper, and if you are just interested in trying the operating system, just download one of the several free distributions and see if it meets your needs.

Negative points

The vast majority of ordinary PC and notebook users use Windows, which means that there is a certain convenience with the platform. Also favoring that users get used to using specific solutions, such as the Office suite, game platforms and the like, which may not be available on Linux.

For games, Linux does not yet have the number of Windows options, since even Steam, which is present on Linux, does not support much of the game library on the Valve platform.

Although there are very friendly Linux distributions, without a doubt the free operating system can be much more receptive for those who already have some experience with computers, since the installation of the system may require some configurations and driver installations, which can make it a little difficult the lives of inexperienced users.

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