Lindsay Lohan: Where’s the Mean Girls actress been?

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Lindsay Lohan was very successful during her youth because of her role in several films, but she went on to play the lovely Cady Heron in Mean Girls (mean girls) that she became known worldwide. Amidst a series of personal problems, the actress has moved away from the mainstream and very little is heard about her today.

Consequently, many people question her whereabouts and want to know the full story behind her disappearance in the media. So, find out now #PorOndeAnda the actress from Mean Girls (2004)!

Lindsay Lohan: Alcohol, Drugs, Prison and Absences

Lindsay Lohan faced several problems from the use of alcohol and drugs. According to CNN, over the years the American justice forced the actress to undergo six rehabilitations against chemical dependency. Her criminal record records several incidents that led to her arrest at times.

In May 2007, she was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Despite being quickly released from prison, two months later, in July, the actress was arrested for driving with a suspended license and for possession of cocaine. This event saw Lohan receive a 4-year probation sentence.

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However, immersed in a series of emotional conflicts, her parole was revoked after her monitoring bracelet was triggered at a private party. Lohan was sentenced to spend 90 days in prison, but only served 2 weeks because of the prison system’s overcrowding. These were just a few of his police stints.

Another determining factor for the biggest producers in Hollywood to stop asking the actress for roles in movies was her reputation for not appearing on the film set. In 2006, according to the magazine people, the actress received a letter from Morgan Creek Productions demanding professionalism to fulfill her contract on the recording of Georgia Rule (2007).

“You and your representatives told us that many of your tardies and absences from set were the result of illness. We were told earlier today that it was ‘heat exhaustion’. We are well aware that the all-night party at your house is the real reason for your so-called ‘tiredness’. We will not accept false excuses for their behavior,” the film studio would have written at the time.

Her on-set absences continued to occur in other works and, over time, Lindsay Lohan was dropped from being quoted to star in new projects.

Lindsay Lohan leads “simple” life in Dubai

(Instagram/Reproduction)(Instagram/Reproduction)Source:  Instagram

After all the scandals he has undergone, Lohan has left the United States and currently lives a life away from the paparazzi in Dubai. During an interview with David Spade in 2020, the actress said that she has been living in the capital of the UAE for at least 6 years.

At the time, she also commented on wanting to return to her home country to promote her song “Back to Me”, released in April 2020, but that the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus had ruined her plans.

Also last year, to celebrate her birthday, the actress posted a video on her Instagram profile, in which she commented on the current moment in her life.

“During all these difficult times, I feel like I’ve learned to understand the simplicity of life and birthdays. I was thinking about how many birthdays I’ve had that were so extravagant and how lucky we all are to only have the people we love around us. Simplicity is the key,” said the actress.

Recently, Netflix also announced that Lohan will be part of a romantic comedy produced by streaming. However, no technical information about the film was released.

Are you looking forward to Lindsay Lohan’s return to the screen?

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