Like Brompton, it turned out that the original Kreuz bicycle was made in Bandung

Bandung, IDN Times – Bicycles are now becoming a trend during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. Sports enthusiasts and laypeople are storming the bicycle shops.

One brand of bicycles that is being loved is Brompton from London, England. Besides having great details, Brompton is also suitable for driving in Indonesian cities.

Unfortunately the price of Brompton bikes is not pocket friendly. The price is estimated at tens of millions of rupiah, so not all people can have it.

But don’t worry, homeland bicycle hobbyists can look at the Kreuz brand as an alternative to Brompton.

Kreuz folding bikes are original bicycles produced by the City of Bandung. At first glance, Kreuz bicycles are 90 percent similar to Brompton. Even Kreuz is often called the Brompton bicycle indie from the city of Bandung.

1. Initially try to make a prototype resembling a Brompton bicycle

(Kreuz from Inde from Bandung) IDN Times / Azzis Zulkhairil

Jujun Junaedi, owner of Kreuz, tells the beginning of his business standing. He said, at first Kreuz was created from an unintentional and unplanned project to be this big. Kreuz has only been in total production since February 2020, whereas previously Kreuz only produced bicycle bags that have existed since 2017.

“(Business development) was unintentional. We focused from the beginning on completing bicycles, not focusing on producing bicycles. Then we joined the festival in Jakarta and there were almost everyone wearing Brompton. Because of that, I finally tried to make bikes with the same shape as Brompton. , “Jujun said when met at the workshopit is in Cikondang number 10, West Cikutra, Bandung, Friday (6/19).

Initially he tried to make a prototype resembling Brompton. After that, Jujun immediately made several other samples, assisted by his colleague named Yudi Yudiantara. Unexpectedly, the bicycle sample caught the attention of the bicycle hobbyists. Gradually, the Kreuz brand which had previously been attached to bicycle bags was chosen to decorate the bicycle’s sample stem.

“Beginning in December 2019. We borrowed Brompton and made a prototype. End of January launcing bag to Bandung, Cirebon, and Surabaya with the bicycle. It turned out that the response was extraordinary. So when I returned to Bandung, I immediately produced it on a large scale, “he said.

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2. Kreuz plans to produce 500 bicycles in the next one year

Like Brompton, it turned out that the original Kreuz bicycle was made in Bandung(Kreuz indie bicycle from Bandung) IDN Times / Azzis Zulkhairil

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After being intended for production, Jujun revealed, Kreuz first made it purchase order (PO) in early February 2020 and limited to only ten units. But in less than 10 minutes, the offer was immediately ordered by consumers. With quite a lot of production, Jujun then involved Bandung SMEs to make a few small parts for their bicycles.

“The first PO was opened in 10 units, and it didn’t last 10 minutes. Yesterday, right after PSBB, our business Alhamdulillah really smooth, “he said.

At present, Kreuz plans to produce 500 bikes in the next year. “We have a target of being able to meet 10 to 15 units a month, because of this full hand made. “We also often get guests from Jakarta and other cities,” he said.

3. Similar to Brompton, Kreuz bikes are priced at Rp7 million

Like Brompton, it turned out that the original Kreuz bicycle was made in Bandung(Kreuz from Inde from Bandung) IDN Times / Azzis Zulkhairil

About the price, Jujun said, Kreuz bikes can compete with Brompton. The reason, with the same form, Kreuz is priced at only Rp. 7 million. The other prices can adjust to custom or buyer’s design orders. Moreover, Jujun said if he was ready to provide a guarantee if there is damage and discomfort felt by consumers.

The friendly price in the bag makes some cyclists actually order with large parties. At present, Kreuz already has a promising market outside West Java.

“We guarantee, service and so on. Yesterday, there were those who ordered a lot, from Solo, Aceh, Papua, Kuching Malaysia border, and even entered Singapore,” Jujun said.

4. Kreuz is not in the form of a PT or a CV, it is still a cottage industry

Like Brompton, it turned out that the original Kreuz bicycle was made in Bandung(Kreuz from Inde from Bandung) IDN Times / Azzis Zulkhairil

Until now Kreuz still does not have the status of a PT or CV. Kreuz effort is arguably still home industry. As for he currently employs approximately 50 workers.

“At present we are focusing (producing) folding bikes. Going forward we are making plans to produce bicycles touring (long distance), “he said.

He hopes that Kreuz can be an alternative for bicycle hobbyists to experience Brompton at a low price. “Hopefully, Kreuz can be useful for all people, including when we succeed in opening employment opportunities. We are eager to prove that local products can compete, and spark the enthusiasm of other creative people,” he said.

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