LGPDJus App Wants to Facilitate Data Protection Requests in Santa Catarina | Legislation

With LGPD sanctions in effect since August 1, companies are now being fined for breaches of personal information security. The LGPDJus application, created by ITS Rio (Institute of Technology and Society) in partnership with the PJSC (Judiciary of Santa Catarina), offers help to citizens, who can consult the app to learn more about the LGPD and follow up on requests within the court. State, the TJSC, related to data protection.

TJSC cut (Image: TJSC/YouTube)

LGPDJus is available for iOS and Android

The LG PPDJus was released on July 30th and is available for both iOS and Android. It allows citizens to follow requests related to the LGPD within the scope of the Court of Justice of Santa Catarina (TJSC). If the person has doubts about their rights as a data subject, they can consult the app for any questions.

On the other hand, the tool allows the Santa Catarina judiciary to serve the population more efficiently. Previously, to make requests related to the LGPD, citizens had to send an email or open a request at the TJSC Ombudsman. Now, through the app, PJSC can take orders through the app — and make sure the data won’t be sold or used by third parties.

“The tool will help us to systematize requests and streamline referrals to the Judiciary sectors, in addition to popularizing access to this information,” says Giovanni Moresco, a member of the group responsible for the LGPD in Santa Catarina’s Judiciary. The application leads to a page of the Court that informs about the General Data Protection Law.

LGPDJus requires registration of CNH or RG to place orders

As the name says, LGPDJus is in agreement with the LGPD, according to a note sent by ITS Rio. The institution says that the user will have to provide an electronic signature to guarantee its authenticity. If he wants to know more about the legislation, he doesn’t even have to identify himself.

However, if the user wants to consult the TJSC to find out what personal data circulates within the court, such as CPF, name and address, the LGPDJus asks the user to create an account and identify himself using his RG or CNH. Tecnoblog did a test with the app for iOS, on iPhone X.

Document registration is also necessary if the person wants to follow up on requests or delete information stored by the TJSC. Authentication on LGPDJus uses blockchain technology, and works similar to applications from banks and financial institutions (internet banking).

About 1 hour after the request made by the report, the TJSC sent a submission confirming the opening of the process, with the blockchain seal.

Data provided to LGPDJus do not go to TJSC database

ITS Rio states that the registry does not represent data collection by the TJSC or other bodies of Santa Catarina’s Justice: the LGPDJus does not provide information to the databases of the Judiciary Branch of Santa Catarina.

Fabro Steibel, executive director of ITS Rio, believes that the LGPDJus and the partnership with the TJSC can strengthen the culture of data protection in Brazil:

“The partnership with the TJSC is a positive step forward in open government. On the one hand, the TJ strengthens its role as a protector of personal data and, on the other, the institution is open to solving problems of public interest together with civil society institutions.”

To launch the platform, ITS Rio had the financial support of the Ministry of Relations and Development of the United Kingdom. The funds were raised through the Digital Access Program, whose objective is “to promote the culture of data protection in Brazil, with the development of LGPDJus being one of the fruits of this partnership”.

Still have questions about how the app works? See below the ITS Rio video with a tutorial by LGPDJus:

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