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THE LG officially launched on Tuesday (18) its new OLED TVs in Brazil. The models CX and GX arrive in the country in sizes from 55 to 77 inches and bring a new image processor, integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, 120 Hz refresh rate and functions for gamers. The televisions will be sold with suggested prices between R $ 8,399 and R $ 39,999.

LG CX has HDMI 2.1, Amazon Alexa, AirPlay, G-Sync and more

THE LG CX replaces the C9, launched in 2019, becoming the company’s least expensive OLED TV in Brazil. It brings the main software features of the previous generation, such as the possibility of mirroring the screen of an iPhone or Mac through AirPlay 2, the ThinQ AI artificial intelligence platform and connected home, personal assistants from Google and Amazon, as well as compatibility with Apple HomeKit.

The novelty is due to the 3rd generation Alpha 9 processor, which uses machine learning with a “database with more than one million visual data points” to improve image quality. It also automatically detects the type of content being displayed, such as movies, sports, animation or standard, to make necessary adjustments.


In a year of new generation of consoles, LG is focusing on gamers, highlighting points like low input lag and response time of 1 ms. The CX has four HDMI 2.1 inputs, as in the previous generation of the brand’s OLEDs, supporting technologies such as VRR (variable refresh rate from 40 to 120 Hz), ALLM (automatic low latency mode) and G-Sync. Nvidia’s technology avoids lags and is compatible with RTX 20 and GTX 16 series graphics cards.

Other common LG OLED TVs are here, including Dolby Atmos to simulate surround sound, the Smart Magic remote that doubles as a mouse, and the 40-watt speakers on 2.2 channels. Dolby Vision IQ is an evolution of Dolby’s technology to improve dynamic range and now takes ambient lighting into account to control image reproduction.


LG has also included a Filmmaker mode, which allows you to watch “movies in the original format in which they were recorded”. This feature turns motion smoothing off, displaying content at the correct frame rate (in most films, 24 fps) and attempts to ensure accurate color reproduction, contrast and image aspect ratio.

55 to 77 inch sizes for LG CX in Brazil


The CX will be available in Brazil in sizes of 55 inches (R $ 8,399), 65 inches (R $ 15,999) and 77 inches (R $ 39,999). The model began to be distributed to retailers in recent weeks. This will be the most affordable OLED TV from LG in Brazil, since the company will not launch here BX, B9’s successor.

“Line B brought the product line down a little. There was a significant difference in both the design and the processor. Basically, Brazil worked with the B line, while other countries in Latin America worked more with the C line. We made this adjustment to optimize the scale for Latin America ”, explains product manager Igor Krauniski to Tecnoblog.

The 55-inch size will be the smallest possible in Brazil. LG claims that the 48-inch version, new to the brand’s OLED line in 2020, will be available only in some countries, such as Japan, as an experiment for the gamer audience. “We never tested what his price range would be. We are also waiting for the performance [das vendas] to do a feasibility study of this size in Brazil, ”says Krauniski.

THE Tecnoblog is with a test LG CX. The review will be published soon.

LG OLED GX has minimalist design that looks like a frame


In addition to CX, the manufacturer’s line of OLED TVs in 2020 is formed by LG GX. You can expect the same image quality and the same processor, but a more minimalist design, with a total thickness of 20 mm.

The GX was made to be fixed on the wall, so much so that LG doesn’t even send the table base with the TV. The model includes a support that leaves the screen very close to the wall, as if it were a painting, in what LG calls Gallery Design. In some markets, it will be possible to purchase separately the GX Soundbar, which lines up with the TV and attaches to the wall to complement the design.

In Brazil, GX will be sold only in the size of 65 inches, with a suggested price of R $ 19,000 and arriving in stores in September.

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