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LG made official on Thursday (15) the launch of the 2020 NanoCell line of TVs in the Brazilian market. The Nano79, Nano81, Nano86 and Nano90 models renew the manufacturer’s 4K TVs in the premium segment with LCD panel, while the Nano95 and Nano96 TVs finally mark LG’s debut in 8K resolution in the country.

LG NanoCell 8K TV (Image: Press Release / LG)

LG Nano79, Nano81, Nano86 and Nano90: 4K from 43 to 86 inches

The NanoCell line uses nanoparticles to filter colors, competing directly with other LCD TVs in the premium segment, such as Samsung’s QLED and TCL models. In addition, LG invests in IPS panels as a differential to offer a better angle of view than the competitors. On the negative side, this type of panel tends to have a lower brightness and lower black uniformity than the VA adopted by rivals.

LG’s best 4K TV with NanoCell in 2020 is the Nano90, which replaces the SM9000. It will be sold only in sizes 75 and 86 inches, being the only one in the line with full dimming location (FALD) to improve contrast and display a deeper black.

The Nano90 has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, speakers in 2.2 channels (40 watts), Dolby Vision and four HDMI ports, two of which are standard 2.1, prepared for the new generation of consoles. For gamers, LG highlights features like variable refresh rate (VRR) and automatic low-latency mode (ALLM), also present in more expensive models of the brand, such as the LG CX.

LG NanoCell Nano90 TV (Image: Press Release / LG)

LG NanoCell Nano90 TV (Image: Press Release / LG)

Just below, there is the Nano86, in more normal sizes (55 and 65 inches). You lose the dimming location by zones and the subwoofers, but continue with 120 Hz, the 3rd generation Alpha 7 processor to improve the image with machine learning and the two HDMI 2.1 ports.

In the segment that I call “premium but not so much”, we have the Nano81 and the Nano79. These are simpler TVs, which try to offer slightly better image quality than in entry-level models and which still rely on nanoparticles to filter colors, but abandon the Alpha 7 processor, have only three HDMI 2.0 ports and 60 Hz refresh rates.

LG NanoCell Nano81 TV (Image: Press Release / LG)

LG NanoCell Nano81 TV (Image: Press Release / LG)

Even on the simplest TVs, LG maintains the software features of the most expensive models, such as voice commands from Google Assistant and Alexa via the Smart Magic remote, support for Apple AirPlay 2 and Filmmaker Mode, which makes colors more in films and disables motion smoothing.

86-inch Nano90 costs up to R $ 26,999 in Brazil

The TVs Nano79, Nano81, Nano86 and Nano90 started to be sold in Brazil in the last weeks. THE Tecnoblog sought out LG to obtain the suggested prices for each model, but the company did not decide not to disclose this information, differently from competitors. For this reason, we have listed below the highest values ​​practiced by retailers (which are, as a rule, the suggested prices disclosed by other manufacturers):

Model Size Price
Nano79 75 inches R $ 6,799
Nano81 49 inches R $ 3,299
Nano81 55 inches R $ 4,399
Nano81 65 inches R $ 6,499
Nano86 55 inches R $ 4,999
Nano86 65 inches R $ 7,999
Nano90 75 inches R $ 14,999
Nano90 86 inches R $ 26,999

This table places Nano90 as a direct competitor to Samsung Q80T, Nano86 as an alternative to Samsung Q70T and Nano81 as an option to Samsung Q60T and TCL C715 televisions.

LG Nano95 and Nano96 have 8K resolution and up to 75 inches

After Samsung and TCL, LG also debuted at 8K in Brazil, with models Nano95 (75 inches) and Nano96 (65 inches). Both have four HDMI 2.1 inputs, 2.2 channel speakers (40 watts), local full-array dimming and support for Dolby Vision IQ, which takes into account ambient lighting to increase the dynamic range of images.

LG NanoCell Nano96 TV (Image: Press Release / LG)

LG NanoCell Nano96 TV (Image: Press Release / LG)

They have the same software features as NanoCell 4K, such as Alexa, HomeKit and AirPlay. The image processor is the same 3rd generation Alpha 9 that equips LG’s latest line of OLED TVs. And both models are hands free: just say “Hi, LG” to give a voice command, without having to press the microphone button on the remote.

Interestingly, the first two 8K models from LG in Brazil have screens with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, different from the manufacturer’s Nano86, Nano90 and OLED TVs. This restriction is on the panel itself, so if you plan to play at 120 Hz, even at 4K or 1440p, LG’s most expensive NanoCell TVs may not be the best choice.

The 65-inch LG Nano96 can be found retail by R $ 13,999, while the 75-inch Nano95 comes out R $ 19,999. Although they are still more expensive than most 4K models available in the country, prices are lower than those of competitors such as the 65-inch Samsung Q800T (R $ 17,999) and the 75-inch TCL X915 (R $ 22,999).

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