Letter of termination of a contract or subscription: how to write it?

If you have purchased a subscription or contract and for some reason want to end it, a termination letter is required. In order to help you in this process, we offer you a free model termination letter. At the end of the article, we also come back with the answers to some questions about the termination letters.

In most cases, terminating a contract or subscription requires writing and registered letter of termination. Whether it is to interrupt your Internet or mobile phone subscription, to the gym, an insurance contract, energy, a lease, there are many examples.

First of all, you must obviously check the general conditions of your subscription or contract. Indeed, some clauses do not allow to terminate a contract or a subscription before the expiry of the latter. Using the free termination letter template below, you can easily terminate a contract or subscription.

โœ‰Letter of termination: how to write it well?

In order to properly draft the letter of termination of a contract or a subscription, a few rules are essential. In the upper left part of your letter, you must enter your personal information: First name, Last name, Address, Client number and / or contract number and possibly your telephone number and / or e-mail address. A little further down, in the right part, you must indicate the recipient’s address by showing the following information: Recipient, Address, To (City), the (Date).

Free termination letter template

Last name First Name
Phone number and or e-mail address
Customer number and or contract

Name and address of customer service

At (place), on (date)

Subject: letter of termination


I hereby inform you of my desire to terminate my contract / subscription (psay here if it is a contract or a subscription) subscribed on (contract / subscription start date) from your services, under the number (precite your contract / subscription number).

I wish to terminate for the following reason (choose a reason from the following choices) :

– My subscription contract is expiring and I do not wish to renew it.
– Following hospitalization, I cannot / do not want to benefit from this service anymore.
– Following a move, I can / do not want to benefit from this service anymore.
– I am not satisfied with your services and consider that you have breached your contractual obligations. (penter here to detail)

Also, I ask you to kindly end this contract / subscription as of (ddesired end date).

(Finally specify this if the payment is made by direct debit):

Having opted for direct debit, I ask you to interrupt the direct debits as soon as the termination is effective.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best regards.

Last name, First name, Signature

๐Ÿ“ญWhat to do once the termination letter has been written?

Once your termination letter has been drafted, you will need to send it by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the service concerned. Their contact details are often indicated in the general conditions of your contract or subscription. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact them by any other means offered (phone number, email). Finally, if necessary, do not hesitate to consult the legal texts and references relating to the termination letters of the Consumer Code.

๐Ÿ™ Termination letter: what to do in the event of a dispute?

To go further, and in the event of disputes, you can also contact the DGCCRF. The National Institute of Consumption also offers more than 160 models of standard letters to settle your disputes. All you have to do is select the subject of your mail from the various themes offered. Then, the site submits a letter template to you to personalize and send.

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