Let’s Peek 5 Facts Heng: garae, Seventeen’s Latest Mini Album

Released a mini album An Ode in September 2019, after 9 months Seventeen finally made a comeback with the release of their seventh mini album Heng: Garae. Boyband under the auspices of Pledis Entertainment, released a mini album officially by issuing tittle track and music video Left and Right they were on Monday, June 22, 2020 yesterday.

Known as a group with members who are always actively involved in producing his work such as songwriting and choreography, making comeback this group of 13 members is not only awaited by Carat (fandom them), but all KPop connoisseurs. Let’s take a peek 5 Seventeen latest album facts!

1. First album after being acquired by Big Hit


As we know, some time ago the Big Hit stated
that it has acquired and is the largest shareholder of Pledis Entertainment. So Heng: Garae is Seventeen’s first album after Pledis Entertainment was acquired by BigHit.

With the acquisition, Seventeen automatically receives support from the Big Hit management system. Music video from Left and Right too released via channel YouTube Big Hit Labels and album promotions were carried out through the Big Hit official websites.

2. Considered as the most successful album


Album Heng: Garae considered Seventeen’s most successful album
since its debut, because this album surpassed 1.06 million pre order in
a period of five days. After the official album was released, according to Hanteo Chart recorded over 500,000 copies sold in two days. Even this album sales continue to grow you know guys!

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3. Topping various music charts

Let's Peek 5 Facts Heng: garae, Seventeen's Latest Mini AlbumTwitter.com/pledis_17

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In addition to album sales, the success of this comeback is proven by
Seventeen ranked 1st on the iTunes Top Albums charts in 27 regions worldwide. Six hours after the title release track ‘Left and Right also ranked No.1 in Genie, Melon, and Bugs.

Apart from that, song b-side in an album like My My, I Wish,‘Kidult,‘ Fearless and Together also ranked in the top 8.

4. The hard work of all members

Let's Peek 5 Facts Heng: garae, Seventeen's Latest Mini AlbumTwitter.com/pledis_17

Seventeen is a boy band that is known to have talented members, in each of their works all members are always actively involved. This album Woozi and Vernon took part in writing the lyrics for the song Left and Right.

While other members such as Wonwoo, S.Coups, Hoshi and Mingyu took part in writing the lyrics for the song b-side in the album. Vernon and S.Coups
also joined Woozi as co-composer of the track. Ouch, they’re so talented!

5. Has a different concept from the previous album

Let's Peek 5 Facts Heng: garae, Seventeen's Latest Mini Albumtwitter.com/pledis_17

On June 23, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino appeared as guests on the KBS Cool FM radio show. The three of them mentioned that concept comeback this time is different from previous concepts.

Seungkwan stated that their previous concept was always dark, while this time the concept was refreshing. They also say that comeback this time they want to provide positive energy to fans and young people, by including messages of optimism about life in the lyrics of the song.

Well, those are 5 facts from Seventeen’s latest album. Success continues Seventeen,
do you guys belong to Carat?

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