Learn how to use Mega, the old Megaupload

With the rise of the home office during the coronavirus pandemic, services that store files in the cloud have become increasingly in demand in the market. Whether to transfer a video, or a file that emails don’t support.

One of the best known to date is MEGA. Created by German businessman Kim Dotcom, it was first named Megaupload. The service operated between 2005 and 2012, until it went off the air due to problems in the justice system related to piracy. Soon after, the tool returned to the air, redesigned and with a new name: MEGA.

How to use MEGA?

The first step is to put it in the language that you feel most comfortable with. This way it will be easy to use the tool, without the need for a large explanatory tutorial.

In the upper right corner of the main screen, click on the globe and choose the language you prefer. There are several options, from Portuguese to Mandarin.

Now, the most important thing is to create an account. With this you can use up to 50 GB of free space, without the need to subscribe to the service. Click Create Account in the upper right corner of the screen.

Just fill in the fields with your name, surname, email and password. It is worth reading MEGA’s Terms of Service and be aware that if you forget your password, you will lose access to your data due to the encryption service, which we will explain later.

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How to upload

If you want to upload a file to the cloud, follow the next steps. First click on Upload file in the upper right corner of the screen. Windows Explorer will automatically open.

Find the file to upload and wait for it to process. Remember that some may take longer than normal, depending on the size and upload speed rate of your internet plan. When uploading, notice that in the bottom right corner will appear the time necessary for it to appear in MEGA.

The program allows you to create folders or even send one directly to the cloud. After downloading the files, you can still move them around, as if you were on a desktop.

After you download it, other options will be at your disposal. To access them, click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of the file.

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Among them, the one to move, rename, chat, download and even get a link to pass it on to anyone you want.

If you need space, MEGA also allows you to remove files. Just remember that it will be in the trash temporarily. It is emptied periodically, but it is possible to control this adjustment in your account settings.

Subscription plans

MEGA has four forms of paid service. Plans range from R $ 33.69 to R $ 202.45 monthly. The services have different transfer limits and storage space.

The simplest, called “Pro Lite”, provides 400 GB of storage and 1 TB of transfer. The Pro III, on the other hand, offers the possibility of 16 TB of storage and 16 TB of transfer

There is also the Business plan, which costs € 10.00 per user per month. The service gives you 15 TB of storage and an unlimited transfer quota, as well as priority support, automatic backup and secure video conferencing.


People who are not used to saving in the cloud, always stay a step behind when using this type of service. MEGA emphasizes its commitment to data security, stating that everyone is encrypted with a key derived from their password.

For better understanding, your password is the primary encryption key. This way, MEGA will not have access to your account, let alone your data. The company stresses the importance of using a strong and unique password as a way to increase its security.

Source: Mega

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How to recover your password?

Due to the encryption service, you are unable to recover your password by sending it back to your email. There is only one way to find your code.

When the account is created, MEGA produces a backup of the recovery key, which is saved on your computer when the account is created. The document, in text format, has this name: MEGA-RECOVERYKEY.txt. The recovery file is 22 characters long.

If you do not have the backup file, there is only one more way to recover your password. For this to happen it will be necessary that you are logged into your MEGA account on another platform, such as a tablet or smartphone. This way it will be necessary to enter where you are logged in and reset your password.

If recovery does not occur, remember that MEGA will keep your data on the air for up to 60 days.

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