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The pre-season arrived with patch 10.23 from LoL (League of Legends). In this update, the redesigned store opens to facilitate discoveries and quick access to the most common and Mythic items, which are unique in each game, depending on the style chosen by the player. Check below what goes into this update, on the air on Wednesday, November 11, 2020.

Skin Lucian Victorious arrives with the 10.23 patch of League of Legends (Image: Press Release / League of Legends)

League of Legends patch 10.23 changes

1. Item Shop

The new store has been implemented to facilitate the player’s experience from data that provides recommended items based on the current itemization, opponents and game progress. The idea is to facilitate the finding of interesting constructions for the character, exploring possibilities without the plaster of the same build for the champion.

Another facility is also the quick purchase panel on the left side of the store. This area will gather common items such as boots, potions, elixirs and sentries.

2. Mythical Items

Mythical Items are the “newest and highest tier of items,” according to patch announcement 10.23. In each game, the player can choose only one Mythic item, which will grant a special effect and from there build the rest of the build, with the other Legendary items – those already known.

Each Mythic item will bring a style of play (mobility, survival, damage, group control, anti-tank, etc.). Some are those already known as Luden’s Storm, Trinity Force, Liandry’s Anguish; others are entirely new, such as the Quimiotanque Turbo (for tank initiation) and Mata-Cráquens (for tank shooters).

The full list of new items can be found in patch article 10.23.

3. Skill Acceleration

Skill Acceleration is the revamped Cooldown. Basically, the 40% cooldown limit prevented several items, with the new Skill Acceleration model, without limit, the points facilitate the visualization of when a skill can be reconjugated: each point of Acceleration allows the casting to be 1 % faster.

That way, when you reach 50 Skill Acceleration points, you have half an ability cast during the original Cooldown. At 100 points of Haste, 200% faster spellcasting is achieved.

4. Effects of vampirism

Life Theft is now counted as Physical Damage caused by contact effects. There was the addition of Physical Vampirism, which also allows the effect on the abilities of murderous champions.

5. Critical hit

The Acerco Critico was reduced and spread over the five items of the build (with the exception of the boot), so that the construction becomes more interesting for the new effects, not for a formation only focused on Critical Hit. Base damage dropped from 200% to 175%.

6. Legendary Items

Legendary items are complete items, which need other items to be formed, but are below the Mythic items. In general, the attributes were distributed in several other objects to allow all classes to have access to certain effects, such as Painful Wounds – which can vary in each game.

Some of the Legendary items have also had their active attributes removed or changed to passive. The most striking or defining effects of a fight will be dedicated to Mythic items.

7. Hunter’s Items

Hunters will no longer need to spend to upgrade the Jungle item. This will allow the player to focus on a Mythic item from the beginning of the game, as well as the other four positions.

8. Champion adjustments

  • Caitlyn:
    The passive’s Critical Strike Chance Damage has been reduced;
  • Jhin:
    Reduction of critical hit damage and passive Critical Hit chance;
  • Senna:
    Critical Damage reduction and passive Critical Hit chance for every 20 souls.
    “R” collects Mist Specters when cast;
  • Tryndamere:
    Critical Hit Chance of the standardized passive;
  • Yasuo and Yone:
    Passive converts a Critical Strike Chance above 100% to additional Attack Damage;
  • Akali:
    “Q” cost reduced in the last levels;
  • Katarina:
    Passive, “E” and “R” apply effects to the contact.
    “R” now deals hybrid damage and scales with Attack Speed;
  • Kayle:
    The passive’s additional Attack Speed ​​now scales with Skill Points;
  • Ornn:
    Mythic items are enhanced in Magistrals.
    Ornn gained more additional Life, in addition to Armor and Magic Resist.
    Additional defenses increase for each Master item he creates;
  • Viktor:
    Hex core removed – Viktor now improves skills by eliminating champions and finishing moves.
    “E” damage increased.
    Increased Mana growth;
  • Brand:
    Passive scale explosion between levels 1 and 17.
    “E” had increased cooldown;
  • Amumu:
    Base Health and Armor growth has been reduced;
  • Elise:
    “Q” applies effects to the contact;
  • Seraphine:
    Base mana regeneration has been reduced.
    Passive Ability Power Multiplier increases with levels.
    Damage from the “Q” has been increased.
    Base “E” damage has been reduced.
  • Twitch:
    Passive, “W” and “E” scale with Ability Power;
  • Volibear:
    Passive scale with Ability Power and the “E” does more damage to troops.

End of season

The 2020 season ended on Monday, November 9, at 11:59 pm. All those ranked in Gold and higher will receive the appropriate rewards – Lucian Vitorioso (first image), Chromas and Eternals Permanentes de Série 1 based on the placement.


The following skins are also planned for patch 10.23, in addition to Lucian Vitorioso:

  • Nasus Fighting Machine;
  • Zac Combat Machine;
  • Jayce da Resistência;
  • Singed from the Resistance;
  • Yorick of the Resistance.
Nasus, Zac, Jayce, Singed and Yorick skins (Image: Press Release / League of Legends)

Nasus, Zac, Jayce, Singed and Yorick skins (Image: Press Release / League of Legends)

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