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THE Lattes Platform is known for housing the curriculum system of the CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development). But, since Saturday (24), the tool that concentrates information from researchers and the other systems of the research development agency are off the air. The cause of the unavailability has not yet been disclosed.

CNPq (Image: MCTI / Flickr)

The problems started last week. On Saturday (24), the CNPq informed that it identified the unavailability of its systems. The institution did not explain the reason for the failure or gave a deadline for the replacement of services. But he stated that “every effort is being made for full return as soon as possible”, and added:

“We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep everyone up to date when we have more information. We inform you that any deadlines related to CNPq calls that may be affected by the problem will be reassessed”.

On Monday (26), the institution spoke again. The agency said it was “in a joint effort” with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to re-establish the systems, but did not say the reason for the failure. “The priority is to restore access to résumés on Plataforma Lattes as soon as possible,” they said.

Lattes platform has been offline since Saturday (24) (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

Lattes platform has been offline since Saturday (24) (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

Lattes is down and users criticize unavailability

The Lattes Platform is among the systems affected by the “blackout”. In tests performed by Techblog this Tuesday (27), when accessing the address “”, the browser returned a connection error, making it impossible to use the service. The same happened when accessing a platform curriculum through a direct link.

The unavailability resulted in criticism on social media. In response to one of the releases, a Twitter user questioned the delay in re-establishing the system. “This as soon as possible is scheduled for when?”, he asked this morning. “Many students urgently need access to Lattes.”

Another complaint points out that the instability started before Saturday. Also following the CNPq notice, one person stated that he has been trying to access the system since Thursday (22). “I anticipated things so as not to make any mistakes, and then it happens,” he said this Monday (26). “I need my resume by Friday morning.”

CNPq (Image: MCTI / Flickr)

CNPq (Image: MCTI / Flickr)

What did the CNPq say?

CNPq issued a new statement on Tuesday (27). According to the institution, the instability that affects systems such as Lattes Platforms (Lattes Curriculum, Research Groups Directory, Institutions Directory and Lattes Extractor) and Carlos Chagas has already been diagnosed. The council also says that it has started the repair procedures:

“CNPq already has new IT equipment and data migration started before the event. Regardless of this migration, there are backups whose contents are supporting the restoration of systems. Therefore, there is no data loss from the Lattes Platform”.

The institution also said that “the payment of the implemented scholarships will not be affected”. The deadlines for actions related to the promotion of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development are suspended and will be extended. The measure also includes rendering of accounts.

The institution did not provide a forecast of the systems’ return, nor did it inform the reason for the unavailability. O Techblog contacted CNPq, but until the time of publication, the institution has not responded to our questions about the unavailability of the systems. The article may be updated in the future.

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