Lamborghini will switch to hybrid and electric engines from 2024, quite a symbol!

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann admits that it is time for the legendary luxury car manufacturer to switch to hybrid and electric engines and aim for a 50% reduction in emissions by 2025. By 2024 most models in production will switch to a hybrid engine. From 2025 Lamborghini promises the first fully electric sports car without any compromise on performance.

The Terzo Millennio electric concept car / Credits: Lamborghini

“Lamborghini is not going to change the environment of this world, but social acceptability starts when you look in the mirror in the morning and see your face there”. By these words full of innuendo, Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann means thatit’s time for the legendary manufacturer to think about the future, and start its energy transition. Of course, the team’s decision follows many other decisions by competing manufacturers who are currently working on their energy transition.

The fact that Lamborghini admits that the days of internal combustion engines are numbered is a strong symbol. We are now at a real tipping point, and there will be no going back. Stephan Winkelmann has sought since his arrival at the head of the manufacturer in 2018 to bring the manufacturer “To the next level”, which is, according to him, the drastic reduction in its carbon emissions. Lamborghini hopes to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025.

Lamborghini announces gradual switch to hybrid and electric powertrains

“The goal of reducing our emissions is even more difficult for us because we are a manufacturer of super sports cars. It is therefore not only a question of reducing these emissions, but also of maintaining performance, of maintaining the dream share… that means changing everything without changing anything at the same time ”, explains the leader. Until then, the question of electrification at Lamborghini remained unanswered.

The firm had already said in an interview that the manufacturer would not offer electric cars if the performance was not there. The manufacturer’s R&D boss then said: “The reason we say electrical technology is not ready is related to how we set its parameters. A fully electric Lamborghini must be able to exceed 300 km / h and be able to do three laps of the Nordschleife circuit at full speed. If you have technology capable of doing this, it will be well received at Lamborghini ”.

Ultimately, however, Stephan Winkelmann confirms that there will be a 100% electric Lamborghini. It will be a four-seater car, “More for daily journeys”. However do not wait for this vehicle before 2025 at the earliest. Before this horizon, Lamborghini should launch hybrid models, presumably PHEV with all the same a real battery to experience the all-electric.

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Most current models will have this hybrid drive from 2024. Lamborghini now remains a major challenge: “Electric cars have to be better than today’s petrol cars. In terms of what we see with our consumers, especially their attitude with our competitors, hybrid powertrains are well accepted. The problem is, it is still difficult to accept a fully electric luxury super sports car ”, admits Stephan Winkelmann.

Source: Cnet

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