La Gifle: Isabelle Adjani, the birth of a myth

France 3 continues its Lino Ventura cycle with La Gifle this afternoon.

Since the start of the week, France 3 has offered viewers the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Lino Ventura. Today, the actor faces Annie Girgardot and Isabelle Adjani in The slap, of Claude Pinoteau. For more than 40 years, the actress with a mysterious aura has been walking her haughty port and her beauty on film sets. Sometimes mocked, often greeted, it is still as legendary despite its rarity on the screen. Unlike some bulimic working actresses, who follow films at high speed, she chooses her projects and is discreet. Between 2000 and 2015, she only appeared in 10 films and 2 television fictions.

If scarcity can lead to oblivion in some cases, for Isabelle Adjani, she maintains the myth of a great actress as mysterious as talented. An actress discovered in 1970 in Le Petit Bougnat of Bernard T. Michel, when she is only 15 years old. The young girl, who grew up in a half-Algerian, half-German household and spent her childhood in the Paris suburbs, continues her nascent career by turning in Faustine and the beautiful summer of Nina Companeez which comes out in 1972. A year which marks the rise ofIsabelle Adjani in the world of comedy. On the poster of the play Bernarda Alba’s house directed by Robert Hossein in collaboration with the Comédie Française, she made a real triumph on the boards before making an impression in Women’s school, always with the Comédie Française.

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An invigorating slap
Out of the shadows at the theater, Isabelle Adjani wins his status as “promising young film star” thanks to a film: The slap. Hailed by critics, he won a Delluc Prize in 1974 and allowed the very young actress to win a special award a year later at the 1975 David di Donatello Awards. Fragile, charismatic and passionate on the big screen, the actress, capable of to embody with bluffing realism sweet or total madness – madness that sticks to your skin and is part of its public image -, seduces prestigious directors. She turns to François Truffaut in The story of Adèle H. A role which allows her to be named César for the best actress in 1976. A category in which she competes again a year later for Barocco ofAndré Téchiné. She charms Roman Polanski who plays her in The tenant, or Werner Herzog (Nosferatu, ghost of the night).

In 1981, she was at the top of her game. Heroine of Quartet of James Ivory and Possession ofAndrzej Zulawski, she received a Prize for female interpretation at the 1981 Cannes Festival for these two films. She immediately won the César 1982 for best actress for Possession. The start of a long list of awards and the birth of an unshakable myth.

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The story of The slap by Claude Pinoteau:
Jean, fifty, is a professor of geography. He separated from his wife Hélène ten years ago and his mistress, Madeleine, has just left him because she perceived that he no longer loved her. As for her daughter, Isabelle, she neglects her medical studies, more attracted by Marc who is in love with her. And when, to defy her father, she announces that she plans to live with Marc, he “cracks” and slaps her. Isabelle fled to take refuge with her mother in London, accompanied by Rémy, a friend.

The trailer of the film:

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