La Casa de Papel: 10 best phrases from the Spanish series

One of Netflix’s biggest hits, the Spanish series The Money Heist, came to an end after a season 5 full of twists. And among so many dramatic and electrifying moments, some quotes from the protagonists made these scenes even more emotional.

Check out 10 of the best phrases from The Money Heist:

10. Berlin – “Death can be life’s best chance.”

Berlin will be the protagonist of the spin-off of La Casa de Papel.Berlin will be the protagonist of the spin-off of La Casa de Papel.Source: Netflix/Reproduction

Despite having died in the first round, the popularity of Berlin made the character return to the next seasons through flashbacks.

Diagnosed with a terminal illness, the Professor’s brother never feels sorry for his situation and has big plans for the last months of his life, even if it requires a sacrifice to save his companions.

9. Nairobi – “You must have the courage to love”

Nairobi was one of the fans' favorite characters.Nairobi was one of the fans’ favorite characters.Source: Netflix/Reproduction

The phrase, said in the middle of an argument, captures much of Nairobi’s personality. His quote about love and courage is a brilliant response to Palermo’s needless teasing. This is one of the character’s last speeches before her tragic fate.

8. Palermo – “There is no right side in hell, Major”

Palermo has an apprehensive dialogue with Major Sagasta.Palermo has an apprehensive dialogue with Major Sagasta.Source: Netflix/Reproduction

Palermo and Sagasta’s tense conversation takes place right after Tokyo’s death against a backdrop of destruction. It is at this point that Palermo points out that they are not that different and the Major quickly corrects him, stating that at least he is fighting for the right side. The robber’s response is an intelligent commentary on their situation at the bank.

7. Tokyo – “In the end, love is a good reason for everything to fail.”

Tokyo's impulsity has put the gang in tense situations.Tokyo’s impulsity has put the gang in tense situations.Source: Netflix/Reproduction

Loved by some and hated by others, Tokyo is one of the most controversial characters in the series. His chaotic relationship with Rio has gotten the rest of the team into trouble more than once. But, it’s all worth it to her, as nothing is more important than her love for her boyfriend.

6. Rio – “Every day I woke up wondering if it would be my last.”

Rio's arrest was the kickoff for the new assault.Rio’s arrest was the kickoff for the new assault.Source: Netflix/Reproduction

After being captured at the start of Season 3, Rio is constantly tortured at Alicia Sierra’s behest. His video confession of how the police locked him in a small box is painful to watch.

5. Teacher – “Either we both win or we both lose.”

Against all odds, the Professor still has one final card.Against all odds, the Professor still has one final card.Source: Netflix/Reproduction

The way the Professor corners Colonel Tamayo at the end of The Money Heist it’s a brilliant checkmate.

Tamayo has two choices: he refuses the gold-covered brass, kills the gang and is forced to watch his country go bankrupt, or he accepts the Professor’s demands and becomes a true hero of the nation. That is, either both win or both lose.

4. Tokyo – “Many people believe that we only find one true love in our lives. But what they don’t realize is that we can have multiple lives.”

Tokyo sacrifices itself for the group in its final momentsTokyo sacrifices itself for the group in its final momentsSource: Netflix/Reproduction

Over the course of the final season, fans discover how the series’ narrator tragically lost her first and true love. It is from this experience that she asserts that you can live more than one life and find new love.

During her last moments, she tries to help Rio understand this concept, asking him not to be sad because this is “the first day of his next life”.

3. Teacher – “I am a thief. Son of a thief. Brother of a thief. I hope one day to be the father of a thief.”

teacher assumes his true "identity" in final episode.Professor assumes his true “identity” in the final episode.Source: Netflix/Reproduction

When the gang seems to have no way out, there is a tense moment between Lisbon and the Professor. The former detective tries to make her boyfriend understand that he plans the robberies for himself and not as a way to communicate with his father and brother.

During his argument with Tamayo, the Professor assumes with every word that he is a thief – and that he is proud of it.

2. Alicia Sierra – “I thought if I ran fast enough, the sadness wouldn’t catch up.”

Alicia switches sides at the end of the game.Alicia switches sides at the end of the game.Source: Netflix/Reproduction

Alicia Sierra was a character that greatly confused the fans. After all, she tortured Rio and held the Professor hostage to eventually become part of the gang.

The turning point comes when she and the teacher are hiding in the apartment and she asks him to pretend to be her friend just by visiting the baby. It is during the dialogue between the two that Alicia releases one of the best sentences of The Money Heist.

1. Teacher – “Not everything turned out as we wanted. We’re not all here. But we got something.”

Teacher thrills in his last speech.Teacher thrills in his last speech.Source: Netflix/Reproduction

After the last robbery ends, the gang gathers in the hangar. And amidst so many emotions, hugs and cries, the Professor makes his final speech while the camera shows the thieves with a bittersweet smile.

Bônus: Bella Hello

It’s not really a phrase, but we couldn’t fail to mention the song that has become a symbol of the series. And for the delight of Brazilian fans, the last time the gang sings Bella Ciao is in samba rhythm.

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The full story of The Money Heist is now available on Netflix.

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