Kramaric for Index: My penalty arrogant? No, I just wanted people to see something new

CROATIAN national team player Andrej Kramarić excelled for Hoffenheim away to Borussia Dortmund and practically independently brought a 4-0 victory to his team.

It seems that Kramarić is getting in great shape after major injury problems. He scored for Union Berlin in the last game, and in the match before that he assisted against Augsburg.

It started with knee surgery and ended with an amazing match

He is now on 12-goal performance in 20 games this season, and for Index he has revealed how he feels after games that can be said to be his biggest in his career.

“The feeling is unreal, it’s hard for me to believe I did it, I’m still under adrenaline. If someone had told me I was going to score four goals for Dortmund at his stadium I’m not sure I would have agreed with him. Really something indescribable,” he told us. Kramarić summed up the whole season:

“Everything is fine at the club all the time, regardless of the coronavirus, we are stable, but of course now everyone is delighted and happy by entering the Europa League. Especially because the whole season was not ideal, we had problems with changing coaches, several left. players, and the game was not at a special level for us, but in the end we managed to get to Europe and that’s great. injured again and had a problem with his knee and foot, the whole season was quite turbulent and not very normal. It started very badly with knee surgery and ended with an amazing match “

Delighted by the move from the white dot

In the 48th minute, he cheated the stopper phenomenally and scored for 3: 0, and then two minutes later he realized a penalty without looking at the ball when shooting. Because of this move, it became a hit in the European media.

“We attackers dream of nice moments before the game, so I said that I would shoot a penalty if it was 3-0 because I scored it several times in training. Of course the game and training are not the same because of the difference in pressure, but I wanted to try it because no one has ever tried it before. It wasn’t the most ideal shot, but the ball came in, “Kramaric said, commenting on the fact that after the game he posted a photo of the move and tagged Robert Firmin, a Liverpool striker known for scoring goals. without looking.

“He more or less gave such goals into the empty net, which is not a problem, but he made a brand out of it. What I did, scored from the penalty spot, I don’t think anyone has done so far.”

There was no arrogance in the penalty shootout

The German Bild titled the article about Kramaric’s penalty “Arrogant or cool? Kramaric made fun of Borussia with a penalty without looking.” so we asked Andrej how he would answer the question in the title.

“It’s not an arrogant procedure, it’s just a procedure full of self-confidence and a new move in football. So that other people see something new,” Kramaric said.

An episode in Leicester

The English media also wrote a lot about what Kramarić did to Borussia, and they are especially interested in the Croatian striker because of his short and unsuccessful adventure in Leicester, where he played after leaving Rijeka.

“When I came to Leicester, we first saved ourselves from being relegated from the league, it was my first escape from Croatia, I didn’t do well without friends and family. It was hard for my head. And later … it would be best to ask Mr. Ranieri why I didn’t play in the season when we won the championship. In the preparations before the season I was the best player with Mahrez and Vardy, which he openly told me, but then the club brought Okazaki from Mainz “, said Kramarić and concluded:

“Before the first game in the league, Ranieri told me that I deserved to play in that game, but that Okazaki came as a new player and should get a chance. He scored a goal and we started playing phenomenally, in the end when you ask me, I also wouldn’t put myself in the game because there is no point in touching the winning team. In the half-season I heard from coach Čačić who told me that I would not go to the Euros if I didn’t play a lot and then I decided to leave Leicester. partly my fault too, but it always takes a little luck in life. “

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