Kodi 19.1 updates and fixes a rain of bugs, here is the list of new features

Several months after the release of Kodi 19, the publisher launched an update 19.1 and fixed many bugs while repairing many extensions broken since the switch to Kodi 19. In a first upload, the publisher had also announced the ‘arrival of Kodi 19.1 on Xbox before retracting a few hours later, due to the discovery of major bugs. Kodi nevertheless asserts that support for Xboxes will be required from Kodi 19.2.

Kodi updates to version 19.1 – an incremental update that mainly aims to improve compatibility with extensions released before Kodi 19 and to fix many bugs reported by users. The arrival of Kodi 19 received a mixed reception. Many users complained that many popular extensions have stopped working, so that many users preferred to stay under version 18.

Kodi 19.1 improves the situation a bit, and updates just about every element of the interface to reduce the occurrence of bugs. It is also a question of fixing specific problems with certain interactions such as the appearance of black screens on Windows 10 and SMB sharing problems on Android. In a first upload Kodi also announced the arrival of Kodi 19.1 on Xbox before retracting.

Check out the Kodi 19.1 release notes

The publisher explains in fact having discovered a new bug that completely prevents you from downloading add-ons on Xbox: “That’s why we had to remove version 19.1 for xbox – sorry guys. Hope we will fix this in some version 19.2 ″, the editor apologizes. Here are the full Kodi 19.1 release notes:


  • Bug fix: HDR metadata is now detected in VP9 profile 2 streams and can be used on platforms that support HDR passthrough or tone sampling when playing such videos.


  • Bug fix: DVD playback on Linux
  • Fix: BD-J Blu-ray chapter skipping via remotes / keyboard


  • Fix: Context menu not accessible in PVR guide window when using very basic remote to control Kodi
  • Fix: Client channel name and number did not persist when changed
  • Fix: Play count and resume position of lost recordings after restarting Kodi
  • Fix: crash while browsing EPG when MySQL is used as EPG database
  • Bugfix: Next record on … tag time is not located in Timer / Estuary Timer rules window
  • Fix: Channel manager does not rename backend channel
  • Bug fix: read archived program not selected when opening Guide window
  • Fix: GUI not updated when deleting / inserting / hiding / showing channel groups
  • Update: Improved appearance of PVR windows in the Estuary

Music library

  • Fix: issue with music where only the first track was added to the library when re-crawled, the rest being deleted


  • Bug fix: PVR – Reintroduction of diffusion properties ‘hastimer ‘,‘ hastimerrule’, ‘hasrecording ‘,‘ recording’
  • Bug Fix: PVR – Reintroduced ‘isrecording ‘channel property


  • Fix: System font detection on Windows for ASS subtitles
  • Fix: detection of user fonts (in user data / fonts) for ASS subtitles
  • Fix: Render semi-transparent ASS subtitles on Wayland

GUI / Interface

  • Fix: multimedia markup for DVD / BluRay

Web interface

  • Chorus2 update based on community contributions

File system

  • Update: Caching enabled by default for network file systems
  • Update: Improved handling of file cache errors


  • Update: Improved reliability of HTTP and NFS network file systems

Windows specifics

  • New: Support for the WS-Discovery protocol which allows you to locate SMB servers and browse shared folders using SMBv3.
  • New: debug Info OSD Video. Extends the current debugging info player (Ctrl + Shift + O) with new video info (Alt + O)
  • Bug fix: with some unusual streams incorrect HDR metadata could be transmitted (HDR10 passthrough).
  • Fix: Green screen on systems with older HW (DX functionality level 9.1) playing 10-bit video.
  • Bug fix: Black screen with software rendering method and with DXVA2 hardware acceleration disabled.
  • Bug fix: Green screen when playing some DVD menu (MPEG2 SD only).
  • Fix: Credentials are requested for anonymous SMB shares
  • Updated the VC runtime environments included in the installer that adds compatibility with VS2019 and VS2017

Android specifics

  • Fix: System-level mounted SMB shares not visible in Kodi
  • Fix: SMB shares tagged with unique identifiers (UUIDs) instead of actual disk name

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