KDrama Hits Jo Jung Suk This is a Must Watch

The husband of singer Gummy is indeed often starring in dramas. Jo Jung Suk is known for being able to portray the character he possesses very nicely. No exception in the newest drama that aired yesterday, Hospital Playlist. Well here are some dramas that Jo Jung Suk had previously played before starring Hospital Playlist. Let’s take a peek!

1. Two Cops


Drama Two Cops tells the story of a detective named Cha Dong Tak who has multiple personalities. He was stubborn and emotional due to one of his colleagues who was killed by a stranger but covered up by his superiors.

Finally Cha Dong Tak insisted on revealing the case with his own strength and he fell in love with a novice reporter who behaved simply and simply. Jo Jung Suk’s acting when playing Cha Dong Tak was truly impressed!

2. Oh My Ghostess

Not Only Hospital Playlist, 5 KDrama Hits Jo Jung Suk It's a Must Watchm.duitang.com

In drama Oh My Ghostess, Jo Jung Suk collided with Park Bo Young. Acting as an arrogant chef named Kang Sun Woo, Jo Jung Suk can also build chemistry who is slick with his co-star.

The drama tells the story of Na Bong Sun, played by Park Bo Young with her quiet and shy nature. He then meets the arrogant chef Kang Sun Woo who turns out to be secretly finally putting a taste for Na Bong Sun. Horror as well as romance, you know the drama genre, you won’t get bored.

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3. Don’t Dare to Dream

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Not Only Hospital Playlist, 5 KDrama Hits Jo Jung Suk It's a Must Watchsoompi.com

Drama Don’t Dare to Dream which is also often known as drama Jealousy Incarnate it stars Jo Jung Suk along with Gong Hyo Jin and Go Kyung Pyo. Tells the story, Pyo Na RI (Gong Hyo Jin) who is a weather forecaster who puts a liking to his senior Lee Hwa Sin (Jo Jung Suk).

However, Pyo Na RI ended up in a relationship with Lee Hwa Sin’s best friend, Go Jung Won (Go Kyung Pyo) who is a company CEO. Although involved in a love triangle, their love triangle is different from other stories. Let’s watch!

4. Nokdu Flower

Not Only Hospital Playlist, 5 KDrama Hits Jo Jung Suk It's a Must Watchdramabeans.com

The drama that aired on SBS in 2019 starred Yoon Shi Yoon, Han Ye Ri, and Jo Jung Suk. Tells about the dispute between two half-brothers who took place in 1894 until 1895 in the Josoen era. Jo Jung Suk plays the character of Baek Yi Kang who is the eldest son of a wealthy family whose father works as a local government official.

But Yi Kang’s mother came from a simple family so he was still looked down on by others. His stepbrother Baek Yi Hyun (Yoon Shi Yoon) is actually highly respected by others for being young, smart, handsome, and not born out of wedlock.

5. You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin

Not Only Hospital Playlist, 5 KDrama Hits Jo Jung Suk It's a Must Watchasianwiki.com

Airing in 2013, the family drama tells the story of a family destroyed after the sudden death of the head of the family. Jo Jung Suk in this drama plays the role of Shin Joon Ho president of an entertainment management company.

At first he was arrogant, confident, and cold but after meeting with Lee Soon Shin, Shin Joon Ho changed his attitude to be more gentle and understand the true meaning of success.

Now those are some reviews about Jo Jung Suk’s drama, what should you watch besides the hospital playlist. That’s great!

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