Kakegurui: trivia and best characters from the Netflix anime

Kakegurui started out as a manga and it didn’t take long for the franchise to become a hit with an anime adaptation and live-action. Made available by Netflix, the anime Kakegurui it had two seasons so far and won fans around the world.

Although the 3rd season has not yet been confirmed by the platform of streaming, we have gathered some curiosities about the franchise and its main characters. Check it out:

Kakegurui trivia

4. An elite school

Characters are part of the Japanese eliteCharacters are part of the Japanese eliteSource: Netflix/Play

Many fans don’t know but Kakegurui takes place at an elite school, Hyakkaou Private Academy. The college is for children of the rich and powerful in Japan, meaning many of the students will likely also assume a position of power in their adult lives.

3. School betting system

Everyone bets inside the schoolEveryone bets inside the schoolSource: Netflix/Play

Several productions show students getting up to some “mischief”, but the students of Hyakkaou Private Academy take things to another level. To give you an idea, inside the school there is a system where students bet considerable sums while playing against each other.

2. Debt slavery

Known as "Pet"these people can also be considered slavesKnown as “pets”, these people can also be considered slaves.Source: Netflix/Play

Despite not having much prominence, debt slavery is something that happens within the franchise. Students who cannot contribute to the student council because of their in-game debts gain “pet” status.

Debt bondage can go beyond Hyakkaou Private Academy. If a student is still in debt at the time of graduation, he enters the Life Program, which determines his entire future and even who he will marry.

1. The protagonist and her particularities

Yumeko Jabami is quite peculiarYumeko Jabami is quite peculiarSource: Netflix/Play

In the gambling world, protagonist Yumeko Jabami seems to be more interested in the thrill of gambling than money or status. Furthermore, Yumeko’s hime cut is a very distinctive look worn by noble women during the Heian period and the choice for this cut is no coincidence.

Kakegurui: favorite characters

5. Ryota Suzui

Ryota is one of the protagonist's closest friends.Ryota is one of the protagonist’s closest friends.Source: Netflix/Play

Ryota is a former “pet”, status he secured after losing to Mary Saotome in a game match. Yumeko Jabami helps her pay off the debt, who offers the money as a thank you. The two become friends in a short time.

4. Ririka Momobami

Kirari's twin, she doesn't seem to be as sadistic as her sisterKirari’s twin, she doesn’t seem to be as sadistic as her sisterSource: Netflix/Play

One of the main characters of Kakegurui, she is vice president of the student council and identical twin sister of Kirari Momobami. Her family is aligned with Yumeko’s family.

Ririka is a quieter person, often acting as an observer. Despite her silence, she is constantly in tune with her sister. However, she seems to be less cold, showing a little more emotion throughout the franchise.

3. Kirari Momobami

Kirari is one of the main antagonists of the franchise.Kirari is one of the main antagonists of the franchise.Source: Netflix/Repdoução

The great antagonist of anime is the 105th Student Council President and solely responsible for the current hierarchy at the academy.

Kirari is the creator of the infamous “pet” system and encourages bullying against other students, revealing her more sadistic side.

2. Mary Saotome

The first to challenge the protagonistThe first to challenge the protagonistSource: Netflix/Play

A classmate of Yumeko and Ryota, she is the first character in the entire series to challenge the protagonist and lose against her.

Presented as a sadist, as soon as she experiences being a “pet”, Mary has only one goal: to regain her status at school.

1. Yumeko Jabami

The protagonist conquers everyone around herThe protagonist conquers everyone around herSource: Netflix/Play

the protagonist of Kakegurui she is optimistic and charismatic, attracting the affection and interest of those around her. Yumeko has the prowess of befriending even those who didn’t like her, drawing the attention of the student council.

Despite her “nice” side, every time the protagonist notices an opponent cheating in games, she ends up revealing a darker side, usually with red eyes to scare the “enemy”.

Despite the success of anime, fans are out of new episodes of Kakegurui since 2019 when the 2nd season premiered on Netflix. Since then, fans have been looking forward to the continuation of the series. While it doesn’t arrive, you can watch all the episodes of the production on the streaming platform.

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