Kakashi: 8 things Naruto learned from the ninja

Naruto had several mentors during his story, whether in the classic anime or in Naruto Shippuden, like Iruka, Jiraya and Kakashi. But even with our main character’s thrilling connection to the perverted sage, none spent as much time with Naruto as the copy ninja of the Hatake clan.

In addition to being one of the most beloved characters of the entire saga, Kakashi was also paramount in several battles of team 7, Folha’s Village and the Fourth Ninja World War.

Without a doubt, one of the most important characters in Naruto’s trajectory, with lessons taught that were not forgotten by Naruto and will never be forgotten by us, the fans.

Focusing on the dear and adored Kakashi, we separated 8 things that Naruto learned from the ninja and that made all the difference. Follow it with us:

8- The Cruelty of the Ninja World

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Naruto’s first real mission after becoming a ninja is, until today, one of the most remembered by fans when we talk about epic battles and emotional moments, mixing action and a moving story.

In Team 7’s frantic fight against Zabuza and Haku, Naruto understood how he needed to be even stronger. Kakashi showed him how dark and cruel the world is outside the borders of Vila da Folha, using Haku’s own pain and suffering as an example of what he would find in his future. We begin to see the more political side of the story of the saga.

7- Being a ninja is not child’s play

Also in Team 7’s fight against the Mist Swordsman and Haku, Kakashi demonstrated how different the outside world was. That the pranks and pranks that Naruto played in the Village were left behind.

So, from there, on a mission to rank surprisingly larger than what was assigned to the team, Naruto was forced to face the reality and responsibilities of being a shinobi. Both Naruto and Sasuke needed to surpass themselves and use strategies to defeat a much more powerful enemy – all of this as children.

6- Humility

Naruto, despite being much less talented than other characters like his buddy Sasuke, was always good at chatting. Bold, overconfident and sometimes arrogant, the protagonist “brought up” anyone.

Sasuke was much less humble and Naruto had reason to be the way he was, but it was with Kakashi that he realized he needed to put the ball down. The difference in power between him, who had just become a ninja, and an ex-ANBU Jonin, like the copying shinobi, was gigantic. Naruto was still very talkative, but he sure stopped being so arrogant, after all, he even confessed that Sasuke was in front of him.

5- Teamwork is very important

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Do you remember the dynamic created by Kakashi in which Naruto was tied up in punishment while only Sasuke and Sakura received food? Perhaps one of Kakashi’s greatest teachings came from meeting his team members.

The boys wanted to do everything themselves and Sakura, more out of place, was trying to prove herself in her own way. However, it was there that they outdid themselves, faced an explicit order from the mentor and fed Naruto.

Kakashi wanted to show the value of teamwork. Even because hungry Naruto couldn’t collaborate in testing the bell. It was the beginning of Kakashi’s teaching journey. It makes you want to see it again, doesn’t it?

4- How to focus the chakra on the feet

Leaving the subjective scope a little, we need to talk about practical teachings. One of the main demonstrations for the team was how to focus the chakra on the feet, a technique that would be used to exhaustion in the future.

While Naruto and Sasuke struggled to learn, Sakura had a good grasp of controlling the chakra. Later, Kakashi helped the two and they did it. This technique was essential for Naruto to learn the Rasengan subsequently.

3- How to use strategy during battles

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Naruto learned from the bells technique that there’s a lot more brain to battle than just hitting the slammer. Kakashi taught this to him, who used much more strategy when fighting Zabuza, joining Sasuke and hiding in a demonic Shuriken.

Then he managed to defeat Kiba and Neji with the same level of strategy — and some Kyuubi. Do you remember those moments?

2- The natures of jutsus

Obviously, most of the teachings ended up staying in the character’s classic phase. After all, he was much younger and immature. However, Kakashi also taught Naruto in his Shippuden phase.

With his explanation of the natures of the chakras and affinities, Naruto understood his style of wind and was able to develop his Rasenshuriken in the battle against Kakuzu, as we’ll talk about in the next item.

1- Fuuton: Rasenshuriken

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Naruto needed a more powerful jutsu when facing Akatsuki. After learning the nature of chakras from Kakashi, Naruto spoke to Asuma, who also had the nature of wind. He demonstrated how the physical alteration of jutsu happened.

Learning was never Naruto’s forte. For him, create the Rasengan and changing your physical form was like “looking to the right and to the left at the same time”. With the help of Kakashi and his story about the origin of jutsu shadow clone, Naruto realized he could go further on his own Rasengan using 2 clones instead of one.

That was our list of things Naruto learned from Kakashi. What did you think? missing any item? Let us know in the comments!

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