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O Kaboom canceled several orders placed on Black Friday 2021 and even before the date, alleging that there were divergences in the registration data, as found by the Techblog. Customers report that purchases were canceled even after payment was approved by credit card. In several cases, the product went up in price right after the cancellation. The service coordinator of Procon-SP explains what affected consumers must do.

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Kabum (Image: Disclosure)

Reader Bruno brought the case to the Community of Techblog. He bought two 40-inch TVs at the store, but had his order canceled due to “data mismatch”. The company’s customer service said that “the registration data and credit card validation systems found some divergence”. Bruno even offered payment by Pix to keep his purchase and take advantage of the price, but he couldn’t.

There are several other reports on social networks and on Reclame Aqui. Last Thursday (November 25), client Rafael tried to take advantage of a cashback offered by his bank, which would only be valid that day. He chose a soundbar that was coming out for R$ 2 thousand. Rafael had the same problem: order canceled due to data divergence. The next day, the product was for R$ 2.7 thousand. Luckily, he found the same price as before at Americanas.

Customer Lucas tried to buy a gamer chair three times and experienced the same problem. The card operator authorized the transaction in all of them, but the order was canceled due to such discrepancies in the data. Lucas says that his registration information was correct and had already been used before.

Kabum’s customer service explained to the consumer that the store has a security system that doubles validation of registration data. If it finds any discrepancies or information not consistent with the purchase history, it cancels the operation. Lucas ended up buying the chair for the same price at Magazine Luiza, but not the color he wanted. (Note that Magalu purchased Kabum in July 2021.)

Complaints about Kabum on Black Friday 2021
Complaints about Kabum on Black Friday 2021 (Image: Reproduction / Complain Here / Tecnoblog)

It is possible to find several other reports of this type. “I bought a smartphone on Black Friday, the store canceled the purchase and doubled the price,” says a customer at Reclame Aqui. This is the Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M2), which went from R$799 to R$1,899 on Black Friday at Kabum.

From another customer, we have this case: “I bought a Motorola phone worth R$179… due to a disagreement with the credit card operator, the purchase was canceled… on this date the price of the phone went to R$284.05”.

In Reclame Aqui, Kabum said the following in response to one of the complaints:

I verified and inform that the orders made both by the website/app are subject to analysis and data confirmation. If there is any discrepancy in this information, the order is automatically canceled, this procedure is aimed at the safety of our customers.

I emphasize that no amount was captured and there was only the reservation of the limit by your operator, that is, the amount was made available to capture the payment, but due to this problem, we were unable to carry out the procedure.

Therefore, the limit will return to the credit card used, until the invoice is closed, therefore, there should be no charges for this order. If you notice any charge, we ask you to return it to us.

We regret any discontent caused, it was not our intention.

wanted by Techblog, Kabum did not comment until the time of publication.

What can the consumer do

Kabum warehouse
Kabum Warehouse (Image: Kabum / Publicity)

In conversation with the Techblog, Renata Reis, service coordinator at Procon-SP, says that the company needs to prove the divergence in the data. If you do not do this, you are obliged to fulfill the offer. “The consumer cannot bear the burden of an internal error or a management problem.”

The store also cannot refuse payment for another modality that it offers, as happened in the case of the client Bruno.

The seemingly unreasonable cancellation has raised suspicions among many consumers that the deals had limited supplies. Even if that’s the case, the company needs to pay the price offered. “If the store’s system did not take the offer off the air when the stock runs out, it needs to accept the order, even if it has to look for it from another supplier”, explains Reis.

The coordinator also remembers that it is good to gather evidence of the order, such as prints of the product, cart and purchase page. If there is no agreement with the store, this material helps when filing a complaint with Procon.

Casas Bahia sold Note 20 to R$679 on Black Friday

Also on Black Friday of 2021, Casas Bahia sold the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 for R$ 679, and the Galaxy S20 FE for around R$ 1 thousand – prices well below those practiced in the market. The store unilaterally canceled several orders, irritating customers.

This caused her to be notified by Procon-SP: the company will have to explain the reasons for the cancellations, and present a plan to resolve complaints.

In a statement, Via – owner of Casas Bahia – states that the price of the Galaxy Note 20 resulted from “a processing failure”, so it undid the purchase and refunded the value. In some cases, it even issued return orders on behalf of customers requesting the cell phone back, even when it had not yet been delivered.

As for the R$1,000 Galaxy S20 FE, Casas Bahia claims to have honored all requests.

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