Justice League: see who the new Snyder Cut characters are

The long-awaited cut by Zack Snyder from Justice League debuted on Thursday (18) on online video platforms. The director’s version brought aesthetics and punctual changes in relation to the previous storyline.

Various scenes that had been discarded from the original are also used in the feature film. Among these moments are passages with heroes and important villains from the universe of DC Comics. See, below, who are the new characters that are in the Snyder Cut.



Darkseid is probably the most important addition to Zack Snyder’s film. He is one of the main villains of the DC Comics universe and appears played by actor Ray Porter. Being only mentioned in the original 2017 film, this time the alien plays a key role in the story unfolding. One of the changes proposed by the director in this film is that it is Darkseid that has invaded Earth for millennia to find the Maternal Boxes. In the previous feature film that role had been that of the Steppe Wolf.

Justice League

Grandma Goodness

One serving of Darkseid that gives the air of grace in the film is Grandma Kindness. Despite the cute name, the character has powers to torture the enemies of the aliens. Even appearing in the feature film, the villain’s participation is very short.


The character Desaad is another novelty of the film. He is part of the group called “New Gods”, which are beings that inhabit the planet Apokolips. Just like in the comics, Desaad is also a servant of Darkseid and is in constant contact with the Steppe Wolf (who appears with a better backgroud and a renewed look on the Snyder Cut).

Justice League


Vulko is Atlantis’ chief advisor and appears in the Aquaman film, but was cut from the 2017 Justice League. This time, he shows his faces in a scene welcoming the water prince to a meeting.

Ryan Choi

Ryan Choi is a character who works alongside Silas Stone, father of the hero Cyborg. Cut from the original film, Choi appears in the most recent version because it can play an important role in the future of the DC universe in theaters: the character is the second Atom, a hero who integrated the Justice League of the Americas in the comics.

Justice League

Iris West

The character Iris West is a love interest in Flash. She makes a brief appearance on the Snyder Cut, but that will be important for the future, as she is already confirmed in the solo film of the corridor. At the meeting, the young woman is saved from a car accident by the hero, who ends up revealing his face to her, since he is not in uniform.

Henry Allen

Zack Snyder’s version guarantees a longer development time for characters like Cyborg and Flash. Because of this, people important to both appear more often or for the first time, as is the case with Henry Allen. He is the father of Flash, is in prison and is shown in a scene in which he talks to his son so that he can go on with his life and stop trying to clear his file with the police.

Justice League

Mars Hunter

As previously revealed, director Zack Snyder confirmed the presence of the Hunter of Mars in the Justice League film. The hero who belongs to the group of protectors of the universe lives on Earth under the nickname of General Swanwick, who appeared with the longest screen on Steel man. In Snyder’s cut, J’onn J’onzz helps Lois Lane overcome the pain of losing Clark Kent.


Batman’s most iconic villain – and one of the greatest in history – appears played by Jared Leto in the League movie. Criticized in its version in Suicide Squad, this time the character appears characterized in a very different way. The Crime Clown is shown during Batman’s dream about the alternate reality in which Darkseid dominated planet Earth. In this reality, Batman and Joker are working together.

Justice League


The Exterminator, or Deathstroke in English, is another villain from the Batman gallery that appears in Zack Snyder’s cut. In fact, he even has a part in the previous film, but it is only for brief seconds in post-credit. This time, Slade Wilson won more screen time and is another ally of the Batman in the alternate reality in which the villain Darkseid won.

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