Justice League: find out what the critics thought of the Snyder Cut


Justice League: Snyder Cut finally debuted on HBO Max – and on some online services in Brazil – and there are already many opinions on the internet about the new version of DC’s 2017 film. Critics of the big platforms have already given their verdict, promoting, in that first moment, 78% of positive evaluations in the Rotten Tomatoes.

Overall, the reviews were positive, but for the most part, they highlighted the unnecessary extension of the version.

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Check out, below, the criticisms of the main cinema and entertainment portals in the world, highlighting the various points of the long-awaited Snyder Cut.

Deadline – Todd McCarthy

“It is a sense of dread that defines the only dramatic record employed during all four hours. In a moment of charity, you could praise Snyder for maintaining such a successful climate for so long, but you could more readily criticize him for never try to liven things up a bit, to vary the pace of your prolonged character development that couldn’t be more one-dimensional.

At the same time, the Snyder Cut undeniably has its own kind of integrity, which, in the world of franchise filmmaking, is rare. “

The Guardian – Peter Bradshaw

“For me, the Justice League still doesn’t have the color, talent, snap and zap of the Avengers in the MCU; it comes to life in the regular settings of the city than it seems to want to avoid.

The film has something absurd, but surreal, and there is a disturbing epilogue in which Wayne is confronted by his personal demons. Snyder’s film may be exhausting, but it is engaging. Justice is done “.

The New York Times – Maya Phillips

“The enormous time of execution allows the space of the narrative to extend, for better or for worse.

For the better: there is an ambitious mythology at work, revealing the epic that Snyder had envisioned and restoring world-building details, such as Wonder Woman who discovers Steppenwolf’s plan and the extent of Cyborg’s connection to the Maternal Boxes.

For the worse: Snyder also creeps through a seemingly endless (and useless) exposure, adding enough depth to each Justice League hero, making us invest in these characters, to care when they finally don the team’s T-shirts and go out to the clash “.

Variety – Owen Gleiberman

“The ‘Justice League’ accomplishes in four hours what The Avengers did in nine hours. It unites a team of superheroes, but never forget that each one is seriously worthy of its own history. It pits them against a gigantic plate of rocky wickedness, […] and it is finally an amazing story of death and resurrection. The five members of the Justice League, brought together by Batman and Wonder Woman, realize that they cannot save the Earth without Superman, who is no longer with them. So, they use one of the three maternal boxes to resurrect Clark Kent from the dead – a twist in the story that was there in the 2017 version, but that’s it, it was just … there. Here, the hard-won re-awakening of Superman becomes a saga of its own “.

Collider – Matt Goldberg

“But the experience of watching Snyder Cut is confusing. In his interview with Vanity Fair, Snyder revealed that he had never seen the 2017 version. Maybe he should, because if he did, he would know that, structurally, the films are amazingly similar. […] the differences do not seem monumental. Most of the time, the experience of watching the Snyder Cut is like watching the extended version of the original. In other words, it is a rough cut, but with the advantage of a finished VFX.

CNET – Richard Trenholm

Despite its length, the Snyder cut does not present anything significant or significantly new. Justice League by Zack Snyder, of four hours, looks essentially the same film as the theatrical version of two hours, only longer. Sometimes it feels less like a story and more like a video game in which you roam the DC universe interacting with non-playable characters.

TV Line – Matt Webb Mitovich

“Cyborg, who was the most fragile character in the Justice League, had the most development, exponentially increasing screen time for Ray Fisher and Joe Morton. In all, Cyborg was a much more active character, regularly employing his computer skills that were vaguely shown in the original film.

Steppenwolf, on the other hand, was acting alone to acquire all three Maternal Boxes, create the Unit and terraform the Earth. The #SnyderCut, however, told a richer and better story – that Steppenwolf was on a kind of redemption trip, aiming at world after world until he stumbled upon Earth, which had the Anti-Life Equation literally stuck to its surface. “

In short, the views so far have been lukewarm. However, they highlight a slight evolution of the cut in relation to the original.

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