Just in evil: seven games starring villains

As a rule, the gaming world always gives us the opportunity to control a hero who, at some point in the journey, will meet someone extremely evil who must take a few strokes in the middle to learn his place in the world. For a long time this was the rule in many games, but there are some where exactly the opposite happens.

In this list, the team of Voxel lists some games in which you control a character who literally wants to strike terror into any living soul that passes by. In case you are curious to know our selected ones, just continue with your reading.

1. Rampage (various platforms)

The series Rampage is an old acquaintance of many people in the game world, and came up with a very curious proposal: put the player in command of a gorilla, a lizard or some other creature ready to destroy buildings of all kinds. To contain our advance there are helicopters and other types of units very well equipped to put an end to our character’s life – and dealing with them is also part of the package.

2. Friday the 13th – The Game (PS4, Xbox One, Switch e PC)

Okay, the proposal in Friday the 13th – The Game it’s not necessarily just about controlling the villain, but one of the players will take on the role of Jason Voorhees and go in search of the teenagers who got in his way using a wide range of skills, including tracking, various methods to scare young people and a few others that certainly they will satisfy many people’s cravings for villainy.

3. Braid (PS3, Xbox 360 e PC)

the journey in Braid it certainly brings several challenges for fans of a good platform game that mixes puzzle elements. However, what took many people by surprise was reaching the end of the adventure and realizing that all along we weren’t trying to save the damsel in distress, but to kidnap her – and maybe that was one of the biggest plot twists we’ve had in a game released on the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 generation.

4. Overlord (various platforms)

The series Overlord is another one that plays with the concept of giving the player control of the villain, as your only objective here is to advance your domination plans with the help of your minions. However, some heroes will try to put an end to these plans by invading your fortress, and it’s up to you to resort to various traps and other resources to keep yourself in the high post of evil.

5. Plague Inc. (mobile e PC)

We don’t have the name of the protagonist of Plague Inc., but this is a game in which you need to spread a deadly virus around the world and do everything to make it strong enough with the premise of going beyond any vaccine or other form of health agency containment – ​​and, with sure, a move as evil as this would surely secure its place on this list.

6. Tropico (various platforms)

The series Tropico is well known for putting the player in control of a dictator who needs to use less than honest resources to stay in power, such as getting involved with the mess present in politics, influencing people’s votes and many other actions that would certainly not be considered correct by most people these days.

7. Dead by Daylight (PC, Switch, mobile, PS4, PS5, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

Such as Friday the 13th – The Game, the proposal here in Dead by Daylight is to put one of the players in control of a villain that could be Pyramid Head (from the franchise Silent Hill), Demogorgon (from the series Stranger Things), Freddy Krueger (from the film saga The nightmare time) and many others thirsting for blood and unbridled killing.

And you, remember any other game in which we have the chance to control a really bad character or villain? Share your message with other readers of Voxel using the space below for comments.

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