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Just Dance 2022 arrives on November 4th for Switch, PlayStation and Xbox (Image: Press Release/Ubisoft)

Just Dance 2022 is almost here and, from what I was able to test in advance, I can say that this edition is the best of all. In this new title, Ubisoft rekindled a flame that was going out by betting on a catalog of timeless songs and choreographies without repetitive steps, but with adequate difficulties. Want to know my opinion in detail? So come with me to the end of this text.

My relationship with the franchise Just Dance started in 2009, when the first game arrived for Nintendo Wii. In these almost 13 years of history, I’ve followed closely the ups and downs of the series, including the great successes of Just Dance 3, 4 e 2014, as well as more complicated periods of Just Dance 2018, 2019 until 2020.

In Just Dance 2021, the series has evolved a lot, especially in the quality of the stages and the addition of official choreographies of the most famous songs — something that was requested by fans for a long time. Just Dance 2022 surfed this positive wave and delivered not only one of the best music catalogs, but also very welcome innovations in dance.

Freed From Desire is in Just Dance 2022 (Image: Press Release/Ubisoft)

One of the best music catalogs in the series

Right from the start, it’s worth talking about the music selection from Just Dance 2022. Ubisoft wasn’t stuck on the most famous songs of the year and brought hits from the years 2010, 2000, 1990, 1980 and even 1970. This mix of times allows the game to please several different tribes and even features productions not so known to the general public.

This was the first time I was satisfied with almost the entire music catalog. Among the choices that I liked the most are Levitating da Dua Lipa, Flash Pose da Pabllo Vittar com a Charli XCX, Happier Than Ever and Billie Eilish, Judas and Lady Gaga, Boombayah do Blackpink, Rock Your Body do Justin Timberlake, Buttons of the Pussycat Dolls, among many others.

There are also certain songs that unfortunately were not very interesting for my taste, like Jerusalem do Master KG, Stop Drop Roll by Ayo & Teo and the “troll” dance of the time: Chacarron of El Chombo. Apart from these three, the entire catalog of more than 40 songs is of very high quality, especially in terms of choreography.

Excellent choreography for all tastes

Speaking of dances, the Just Dance excelled in relation to the choreographies in this edition. In my view, Just Dance 2022 it leaves aside the “party game” aspect to become a true dance game, with routines without many repetitions of steps or movements that have nothing to do with the music.

Ubisoft took a lot of inspiration from the official music videos to create the levels, both in extreme level songs and in the simplest ones. In Judas, for example, the routine is easy to learn and has few complex moves, but the chorus uses the same steps Lady Gaga uses in the video. The same thing happens in Girl Like Me, Level Up e China.

For K-Pop fans, Just Dance 2022 it’s a more than full plate. Ubisoft hit the nail on the head when creating the choreographies, because in addition to investing in stages with the original dances, the developer released simplified versions for beginning players.

This dynamic of two different choreographies is valid for Boombayah do Blackpink, Black Mamba do Aespa e Jopping do SuperM. Pop/stars from the KDA group — formed by champions Akali, Ahri, Kai’sa and Evelyn de League of Legends — is also in the game, but only in the extreme version with steps of the official routine (and it’s good too).

I also have to talk about the coaches’ interpretations of Just Dance 2022, which are better than ever. Certain songs are more emotional than agitated and call for contemporary choreography, and this is done with great skill by the dancers in three specific songs: Chandelier, Human e Happier Than Ever.

Just Dance 2022 enough to cause and shine

Just Dance 2022 it has what it takes to become the franchise’s new benchmark for quality — and it’s likely to succeed. Playing the copy provided by Ubisoft for testing, I felt transported back to the time when I was counting the days for the releases of Just Dance 4 e 2014. I’m definitely going to invest a lot of hours (and calories) in this game for sure.

On November 4th, Just Dance 2022 arrives for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You can play with both console motion controllers and the Just Dance Controller app for Android phones and iPhone (iOS).

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