Jurassic World Evolution 2 Review

Those in their 40s experienced an intense period of great movies in cinema. One of these films was Jurassic Park, which hit the market in 1993. Over the years, sequels have been made not as successful as the original title, but they have helped to increase the legion of fans.

In video games, there have been several attempts to link the context created in movie theaters. Most of them drank from the action genre, with ingredients of drama and horror, but none of the productions gained notoriety.

One of the last attempts to leave Jurassic Park Nice in Games was made by Frontier Development in 2015. The company tried to diversify with a park simulator called Jurassic World Evolution, which did not gain much attention in the media, but pleased most of those in love with the film. Now, in 2021, the company has launched the continuation of this franchise.

We have a game!

Label Jurassic World Evolution, 2015, was a problem. At times he looked like a park manager; in others, an action game with building ingredients. Until today we questioned, as it was clear that the game had great potential to be explored. In Jurassic World Evolution 2, we realize more clearly the intention of the producers to make the adventure much more an action game with pertinent and fun management. However, it could be better.

In the second edition, new game modes are present, such as the possibility to create the park freely. There is also a simple campaign mode, which helps you understand the gameplay. Furthermore, it is possible to play the challenge mode, in which you have to fulfill certain requirements.

There is also the mode called Chaos Theory, which makes the player relive the adventures of cinema, such as those that took place in Sorna and Nubar islands. There are many possibilities for fun for fans of the series, and we are sure that players will have a very high replay factor to enjoy everything the title offers.

One of the big goals in Jurassic World Evolution 2 is to build the biggest dinosaur park in the world. It is necessary to set up spaces for the animals, using the tricks learned in the previous game, optimizing the space, putting up fences, in addition to monitoring the dinosaurs to find out what they like best.

Otherwise, the player must prepare to see the anger and rebellion of these spectacular beings. Some of them are from different biomes and require a lot of money to make the climate and place as harmonious as possible.

It is worth noting that the park needs to receive visitors, as it is through them that you receive money to survive. Therefore, it is important to be very careful with security and always check that everything is working optimally.

The player cannot think that after everything is going well he will be calm. Dinosaurs can get sick, so scientists must be used to unravel animal problems. Medicines must be manufactured and the dinosaurs can even be taken to a treatment facility if necessary. Problems such as tuberculosis and fractures are common among species, hence the importance of always being monitored.

growing population

There are several ways to increase the number of species in the park. The player can hunt them in the jungle with his car or his helicopter, in what is perhaps the most rustic way. As in the previous title, you can use tranquilizing dice and air support to capture them.

The same strategy is used when a dinosaur runs away. The good thing about it is that it can be done automatically. At first, it’s even fun to use the third-person camera to venture into trouble; over time, it is natural to prefer the automatic mode.

The other possibility of expanding the park is by carrying out expeditions to find species in the most different territories on planet Earth. Or produce them artificially. In both cases, it is necessary to hire scientists with different skills and characteristics.

Not everything is flowers

As we said, the game managed to gain personality, form and context, but there are some points that can be improved and directly encompass micromanagement and optimization. During the adventure, it is necessary to install electricity points so that everything can work properly. Mainly electric fences.

These points need to be supplied, so that the light doesn’t go out. Imagine, then, the following situation: in the midst of so much to be done, such as taking care of dinosaurs, managing scientists, creating expeditions and expanding the park, the player also needs to replenish energy points.

If that weren’t enough, it is necessary to re-establish the dinosaurs’ diet, something that could be done automatically. These types of micromanagement are unnecessary for the game and only hinder the development of the adventure.

Optimization is a real catastrophe. Even playing in 1080p it was possible to notice the difficulty the game has in running without frame rate drops. In the first week, the game closed by itself when playing in 4K. To give you an idea, to date this problem has not been resolved.

The game is very beautiful, with more attractive graphics than in the first version, but the soundtrack lacked special care, as was the case in the previous edition. As nice as it is to have art well done, it becomes secondary with so much to do.


Something much criticized by fans has to do with the death of animals. In many instances, it is only necessary to do two things: create new dinosaurs and clean the carcasses of the animals that are gone.

A balance is needed to give the animals longer life and make the game not become boring and boring. Just see other examples on the market that use animals and amusement parks. Also, hatching dinosaurs is expensive, which makes the player need to have important control over the game’s finances.

It is worth it?

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is literally an evolution of the predecessor, with personality, beauty and lots of fun. He managed to give life to one of the coolest movie franchises, making a name for himself in video games.

As we said, many features can be improved, such as unnecessary micromanagement and optimization quality. But it’s a good choice for those who like dinosaurs and park construction.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 was kindly provided by Frontier Development to carry out this analysis.

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