Jared Leto: the 7 best films of the actor’s career

The star’s career spanning more than 20 years Jared Leto is, without a doubt, full of diverse productions and, despite recent performances in Suicide squad e Morbius not being the audience’s favorite, the actor still debuted great hits.

Since the beginning of his works in cinema in 1994, with the film fatal betrayalLeto brought great characters to life on the big screen and we brought a selection with the 7 best movies of the actor’s career. Check out the full list!

7. Fight Club

(Source: 20th Century Fox/Disclosure)(Source: 20th Century Fox/Disclosure)Fonte:  20th Century Fox

Despite being known for the performances of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, star Jared Leto has great relevance in the classic film Fight Clubwhich follows a troubled man in major action scenes throughout the plot.

Jared Leto delivers a great performance as the character Angel Face in this work and that’s why this is one of the best films of the actor’s career.

6. The Small Remains

(Source: Warner/Disclosure)(Source: Warner/Disclosure)Source: Warner

Despite not being a fascinating and engaging film, Leto’s delivery of the character Albert Spama, an alleged serial killer, makes the work truly good for those who enjoy the star’s performance.

The actor doesn’t appear until the middle of the film, as we follow Deputy Sheriff Joe Deacon in the search for the suspects of the heavy crimes. But the performance of the star really captures the attention of anyone who proposes to see the work.

5. Chapter 27: The Murder of John Lennon

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This is definitely one of the best films of his career. Jared Leto and it came at a great time to restore the actor’s credibility in the world of cinema, as he brings the killer of music icon John Lennon to life in the work.

One of the great highlights of Leto’s delivery to the work is the fact that the actor gained nothing more, nothing less than 67 kilos to characterize himself as the murderer, in addition to arresting any viewer by delivering a great performance in the film.

4. American Psychopath

(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)Source: Columbia

american psychopath is, without a doubt, one of the greatest works of Christian Balebut, despite the star’s protagonism, Jared got a great highlight and a great performance throughout the thriller.

Jared Leto brings to life Paul Allen, who is killed by Bale’s character, a banker who becomes a murderer at night, and the scene of him singing Huey Lewis and the News Hip to Be Square song while killing Allen is striking and remembered by many fans. until today.

3. The Panic Room

(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)Source: Columbia

Although not much commented on when talking about best movies of the actor’s career, this is a work that delivers suspense, mystery and terror to the public, as it follows three thieves who break into a house and take daughter and mother hostage.

The actor plays one of the three thieves, Junior, who is a spoiled and maniacal young man who wants to be the leader of the team at all costs, but who cannot be the best among them.

2. Dallas Shopping Club

(Source: Focus/Disclosure)(Source: Focus/Disclosure)Source: Focus

A performance de Jared Leto like Rayon, a transgender, HIV-positive woman, throughout Dallas Buyers Club was so magnificent that it earned the actor a Oscar and the acclaim of much of the public at the time.

The actor gave himself body and soul to the film and managed to convey a lot of sensitivity and truth in the performance, in addition to having lost almost 30 kilos, shaved his eyebrows and shaved his body completely for the work.

1. Requiem for a Dream

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Although we initially think of the stars Darren Aronofsky and Ellen Burstyn when talking about this film, Leto managed one of his best performances when playing Harry Goldfarb.

Jared Leto he served the public with emotion, truth and a lot of suffering by playing the young drug addict alongside other great stars, who collaborated so that he was at the top of the actor’s best films.

And, after our special selection of works by star Jared Leto, we want to know, what’s your film career favorite of this great name in the cinema?

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