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THE Itidigital wallet Itaú, won a virtual card to make purchases with your account balance. And now in October, it will be possible to request a Visa Platinum physical card with NFC for payments by approximation: it will come with Braille inscription for visually impaired people, and will have a recess that makes it easy to identify the right side to insert into the machine.

Itaú released Iti’s digital card for testing the Tecnoblog, which I’ve been using with my own money. The app’s home screen has a carousel of options, with the last one being an “account card”. Touching it, the user has the option to create a virtual prepaid, which requires a security code sent by SMS.

After this is released, the app displays the data to enter during purchases on websites and apps, including recurring subscriptions, discounting your current balance. For example, you can use the Iti account card to pay for delivery on iFood, Uber rides or a Netflix subscription.

It is worth remembering that, even requiring the credit function, this is a debit transaction: that is, you cannot install a purchase or spend more than your available balance. (There is no credit limit or invoice to pay each month.)

Itaú Iti account virtual card

This Iti account feature is designed for those who do not have a credit card – or have a low limit – and want to make purchases on the internet, because many online stores still do not accept debit. (An initiative by PayPal, in partnership with Itaú, Nubank and other financial institutions, wants to change that.)

“You do not pay an annual fee or any other fee to request or use the prepaid Iti card”, explains the company in the application’s FAQ. You can insert the virtual card in other digital wallets like PicPay, for example; however, it is not possible to register with Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

It is not possible to withdraw money using the Iti account card. However, the app has a digital withdrawal feature at Banco24Horas ATMs, which discounts your account balance.

Itaú Iti physical card

Itaú Iti account card

Starting this month, Iti customers will be able to request a physical card: it will also be prepaid, as well as virtual, and will have no costs to be issued. THE Tecnoblog received a non-functional model to check the three main details of the design:

  • the card number is not on the plastic and can be consulted only in the app, so that no one uses it in online purchases in case of theft or theft;
  • he has one cutout on the right side, making it easier to hold it in the correct position to fit the machine;
  • he brings the word “Iti” written in braille for people with visual impairments, something that affects more than 4 million Brazilians.

Itaú customers with visual impairments were already able to request a card with braille text, but this will come by default in Iti. In addition, it will be compatible with NFC payments via approximation, as has been required by flags such as Visa and Mastercard.

Itaú confirms to the Tecnoblog that, initially, all Iti cards will be Visa Platinum, which offers travel, insurance and shopping benefits.

What about the competition? PicPay plans to launch a debit card, and already has a credit card with no annual fee and cashback for in-app purchases. In turn, RecargaPay has a free prepaid card, both physical and virtual, which yields 1% cashback for Prime and Prime + subscribers.

Ame Digital and PagBank (PagSeguro) customers can request a physical prepaid card to make purchases in stores with their account balance. Meanwhile, Mercado Pago has a virtual Visa prepaid that can be activated by the app.

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