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Large companies are looking for professionals in the technology sector – this is the case of Itaú Unibanco and yes Meta (ex-Facebook), who are looking for people who want an internship opportunity in the area. already the Locaweb is hiring developers with varying levels of experience. Below, see the selection made by the technoblog with these and more job openings.

Job vacancies (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)
Job vacancies (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

Itaú opens EstagExperience for careers in technology

Itaú recently announced the opening of registrations for the EstagExperience, an online event aimed at hiring students from higher education courses in the technology area. The program includes the exchange of knowledge between subscribers and Itaú professionals through real challenges encountered in the bank’s day-to-day activities.

According to the company, students who stand out during the process can be invited to internship vacancies — it is necessary to be available to work in São Paulo on a 6-hour daily basis. Contractors receive, in addition to the grant, transportation and meal vouchers, life insurance, medical and dental care, among other benefits.

Interested parties can make the Registration until April 22, 2022 through this link.

An unprecedented internship opportunity was opened by Meta (Facebook’s new name). Mark Zuckerberg’s company seeks PhDs and students from Latin America to work in international internship and full-time programs. Vacancies are for UK offices starting in 2023.

In all, there are eight vacancies for PhDs in the Machine Learning and Infrastructure sectors. In addition to the United Kingdom, there is the possibility of working based in Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Meta also has 50 vacancies for internships in software engineering in the UK. The duration of the program is 12 weeks, with daily meetings with company employees, and there is the possibility of being hired at the end of the process.

Visa procedures, travel and accommodation costs for those selected will be paid by Meta itself. You can find links to the following processes:

Locaweb has more than 100 job openings

Locaweb is looking for a senior information security analyst, as well as junior, senior and full level developers. The company also wants to hire a Tech Lead with an agile mindset to work in multidisciplinary teams (Product, UX, Marketing and SRE).

Among the benefits offered are medical and dental insurance, transportation vouchers or free parking, meal vouchers, life insurance, massage and gymnastics, and a relaxation room, with TV, pool table, video games and more.

Interested parties can check more details about each vacancy and register through the Kenoby platform.

BareDevs has 10 vacancies at home office

BareDevs is a third party that provides software, testing and operational support services to large companies around the world, including Google, Pinterest, Motorola and more. The company has 10 home office vacancies, with flexible hours, for Java developers at a senior level.

Among the attributes valued by BareDevs are knowledge in SQL and NoSQL databases, IT infrastructure and agile management methodologies. Advanced English is a prerequisite.

The company provides equipment for remote work to contractors. Interested parties can register at this link.

Grupo 3778 opens 146 job vacancies in IT

Healthtech 3778 is specialized in corporate health and seeks 146 professionals for the Information Technology sector. There are open positions for software developer, data scientist, cybersecurity analyst, and machine learning, among others. The company is also hiring interns.

Some of the benefits offered are: competitive salary, flexible hours, health insurance and workplace gym.

The vacancies are for all of Brazil, and you can check the requirements for each one through the Grupo 3778 careers page on the Gupy platform.

Technoblog job vacancies

Didn’t find the dream spot above? It is worth remembering that the technoblog is also hiring. If you want to be part of the largest independent technology vehicle in Brazil, check out the open positions in communication and technology.

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