Is your Amazon device having problems? know what to do

In recent months, Amazon devices have gained more and more success among Brazilians. Proof of this is that the 4th generation Echo Dot was the best-selling item on the site during Black Friday last year, while Fire TV Stick Lite was an absolute highlight in the second edition of Prime Day, held in June this year.

Before that, the Kindle, the first device launched by the brand, was already widely known and used by Brazilians since 2012, when it arrived in the country. However, with the growing demand in recent years, customers started to question about the warranty and repair of the products.

The company’s website states that products from the Echo, Kindle and Fire TV Stick lines have a one-year warranty, while the other accessories, such as the Fire Stick remote control and the USB adapter, only have three months. Check out the full list below.

1 year limited warranty

  • Kindle Oasis (8th Generation)
  • Kindle (10th Generation or earlier)
  • Kindle Paperwhite (7th Generation or earlier)
  • Kindle Paperwhite (10th Generation)
  • Kindle Oasis (9th and 10th Generations)
  • Fire TV Stick – Basic Edition
  • Echo (4th generation or earlier)
  • Echo Dot (4th generation or earlier)
  • Echo Dot (4th generation or earlier) with watch

90 day warranty

  • Amazon Fire TV Remote Control (if purchased separately from a Fire TV device)
  • Lite Voice Remote Control with Alexa (if purchased separately from a Fire TV device)

According to the company, the guarantee is only offered when problems are presented that do not involve “misuse, user fault (negligence, malpractice or recklessness), fire or damage from other external causes”. But if your Amazon device or accessory needs repair, what do you do at the end of the warranty period?

The Fire Stick TV Lite was Amazon’s best-selling device in Brazil during Prime Day 2021 (Play/Shutterstock)

What to do after warranty

Briefly, Amazon does not have technical assistance services in Brazil. In response to the TechWorld, the company explained that it offers a limited warranty of up to one year on all its devices, except the Kindle, which has a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects and five years on other repairs. After the period, consumers must use Customer Service.

Based on information obtained during the investigation, each situation is individually assessed by support, but if the device is out of warranty and Customer Service guidelines do not resolve the issue, the user “will be informed that Amazon will no longer be able to help.”

According to Igor Marchetti, a lawyer at the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec), the client should pay attention to two points. The first is to see if, after the warranty period, the problem is a manufacturing problem. “In this case, we may be facing the so-called programmed obsolescence. Thus, the consumer can demand, within ninety days of identifying the problem, the repair of the product by the supplier”, he explains. He emphasizes, however, that this guarantee does not exist for natural wear and tear or misuse of the product.

The second point that the customer must pay attention to is in cases of natural wear and tear on the product. “In this situation, the consumer has the right to access the purchase of spare parts, even after the end of the sale of that product, for a reasonable period of time. The rule is provided for in article 32 of the Consumer Protection Code”, says Marchetti .

In this case, both the supplier and the importer are responsible for guaranteeing this supply of parts. “If this does not happen, the consumer will be facing a non-compliance with the offer and may even ask for the money back for the purchase of the device in the most drastic cases”, he points out.

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