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The card Ultraviolet Nubank is fintech’s bet to conquer more demanding credit card users. The product promises to return part of the amount spent on the invoice to the customer, in addition to bringing the brand’s advantages Mastercard Black like VIP lounges, insurance and price protection. Find out if the Nubank Black Card is worth it and what the alternatives are.

Ultraviolet Nubank Card (Image: Disclosure)

What are the advantages of Nubank Ultraviolet?

Nubank Ultraviolet has the following characteristics:

Feature Ultraviolet Nubank
Cashback 1% of the amount spent on the credit card
Cashback balance yields 200% of CDI
Annuity/Monthly BRL 49 per month
Exempt for clients with an average spending of R$5,000 in the last three months or for those who have R$150,000 saved at Nuconta or invested in Easynvest
card type Metallic, no printed number
Flag Mastercard Black
Additional cards Does not allow

What is a Mastercard Black?

The Black modality is Mastercard’s top-of-the-line product. This brand is usually associated with high-income credit cards, which is not the case with Nubank Ultravioleta. Here are some of the benefits of Mastercard Black:

  • Free access to Mastercard’s VIP lounge at Guarulhos Airport (GRU) – for cardholders only, companions need to pay;
  • Access to LoungeKey lounges ($32 per access for Nubank Ultravioleta);
  • Travel medical insurance;
  • Rental car insurance;
  • Insurance purchase protected;
  • Original extended warranty;
  • Mastercard Concierge;
  • Boingo WiFi.

In addition to Nubank Ultravioleta, you can find Mastercard Black cards at other banks such as Itaú, Bradesco, Santander, Caixa, Inter, among others. Visa’s equivalent brand is Visa Infinite, while Elo offers Elo Nanjing.

Who is Nubank Ultraviolet worth?

Very objectively: Nubank Ultravioleta is worth it for those who want to use a Nubank credit card and want to enjoy the benefits of the Mastercard Black line, but have monthly expenses starting at R$ 5 thousand or have R$ 150 thousand invested in the Easyinvest.

Ultraviolet Nubank Card (Image: Disclosure)

Ultraviolet Nubank Card (Image: Disclosure)

Those who do not have this amount in investment or do not maintain monthly expenses above R$ 5,000 must pay a monthly fee of R$ 49.90 for Nubank Ultravioleta. To reach the amount charged in cashback, it is necessary to spend at least R$5,000, but whoever buys this amount on a credit card is already entitled to an exemption.

The advantage of Nubank Ultravioleta is that it can be requested by any customer, regardless of income or current credit limit – but respecting a sort of fintech waiting list. Other banks often require minimum investment amounts or charge higher annual fees to join Mastercard Black family cards.

For those who spend less than BRL 5,000 per month, keeping a Nubank Ultraviolet may be worth it only in very specific cases, such as frequent airline passengers who want to use Mastercard’s VIP lounge on trips or those who insist on keeping a Black card for benefit account.

How Nubank Ultraviolet cashback works

Typically, credit card benefits are almost always associated with a score that can be transferred to airline loyalty programs.

In the case of Nubank Ultravioleta, the main benefit is cashback: instead of receiving points, bank returns 1% of the amount spent on the invoice. This amount is separate from Nuconta and yields 200% of the CDI, but the client can choose to transfer this money to the conventional account and, in the future, to investments in Easynvest.

Ultraviolet Nubank on the card machine (Image: Disclosure)

Ultraviolet Nubank on the card machine (Image: Disclosure)

This means that every purchase made with the Nubank Ultraviolet credit card generates 2% cashback. When making a purchase in the amount of R$100, for example, the service customer will receive R$2 back.

How miles work on Nubank Ultraviolet

One of the features of Nubank Ultravioleta is the possibility to convert the cashback amount to airline miles. However, there is a serious limitation: the only points program that has an agreement with Nubank is Smiles, which allows issuing tickets on Gol and selected international airlines. That’s right: national companies like Azul and LATAM are left out.

Another point of attention is the conversion factor: each Smiles mile is equivalent to R$0.03 of the cashback generated by Nubank Ultravioleta.

Is it worth having a Nubank Ultraviolet to generate miles?

If your goal is to earn thousands of points to exchange for airline tickets and travel the world, Nubank Ultravioleta is not the best option on the market.

The conversion factor from cashback to points is very high. Every 1,000 miles on Nubank Ultravioleta costs R$30; on sites for buying and selling miles, it is common to find a thousand for less than R$20, depending on the season.

There are Mastercard Black cards in the market that are better than Nubank Ultravioleta for mile accumulators. Below is a comparison with two competitors with different scoring policies:

R$ 30 thousand expense Ultraviolet Nubank C6 Carbon Itaú Personnalité Mastercard Black
Punctuation 1% cashback
Smiles miles at R$0.03 of the cashback balance
2.5 points per dollar
(Quotation used: BRL 5.56)
2 points per dollar
(Quotation used: BRL 5.56)
balance in miles BRL 300 in cashback
10 thousand points
13,489 points 10,700 points

Other credit cards with cashback

In addition to Nubank Ultravioleta, there are other credit cards with cashback. Check out:

Card Characteristics
Inter Mastercard Black Bank 1% cashback
free annuity
Available to Inter customers with R$250 thousand in investments
Banco PAN Méliuz Mastercard 0.5% cashback for invoices between R$751 and R$1,500
0.8% cashback on invoices over R$1,501
free annuity
Rappi Visa Gold 1% cashback
no annuity
Rappi Visa Infinite 2% cashback
Annuity of BRL 1,080
XP Visa Infinite 1% cashback
no annuity
Available to XP customers with BRL 50k in investments

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