Is Lilith a demon? Future of Gabrielle etc.

We are trying to clarify the unanswered questions of The Order Season 2 and everything related to the demons, Werewolf etc.

At the end of season 2 of The Order, the mission to stop the apocalypse and to save Lilith from the demon realm has ended. But Alyssa Drake was killed in the process. What happened to Alyssa is just one of many game-changing events in the Season 2 of The Order on Netflix.

The ten episodes of the second season of the original Netflix series resumed where the premiere ended. The Knights of St. Kitts having had their memories erased by the Order and all their most precious possessions stolen. After regaining memory and reluctantly abandoning their hopes for revenge. The Knights became members of the Order and found themselves involved in a conflict with an organization called Praxis. Composed of practitioners of magic who believe that magic should be accessible to all. Their efforts to spread magic everywhere led to magical “eruptions” that threatened to cause an apocalyptic event. Forcing the College to do everything in its power to stop them.

The situation became complicated when Alyssa, overwhelmed by the loss of her magic, aligned herself with Praxis and their leader, Salvador. While continuing to assist the Order in the fight against Praxis. The Knights also spent a lot of time looking for a way to save Lilith. Who found himself trapped in the Demon Kingdom in a previous episode. To the end of season 2 of The Order, a way to save Lilith and stop the apocalypse was finally found. But ending the battle against Praxis came at a cost.

Allyssa’s death and a possible return?

The gap between the Order and Alyssa widened to the point that Alyssa attacked Vera and used a spell that stole her magic. Subsequently, they had to temporarily put aside their differences to cast the necessary spell to stop the apocalyptic eruption. Once it was over, Alyssa decided to take revenge on Vera. But was rejected by Jack, who convinced her to escape before it was too late. As Alyssa was about to leave, Midnight arrived and bit her. Jack, believing that Vera could save her, asked Alyssa to restore Vera’s powers. But she died before anything could be done.

At the end of the episode, Jack was seen carrying Alyssa’s body through the woods, with the powerful spell book, the Vade Maecum. Although it may have seemed that Jack was about to bury Alyssa. The inclusion of the book in this scene indicates that Jack has not yet given up on saving her. It is possible that Jack intends to use an incantation to bring it back. If such a thing is possible, which is likely when considering the real power of the Vade Maecum. There is no doubt that there will be consequences. The Order has made it clear in both seasons that all magic comes with sacrifice, no matter how big or small. If Jack wants to resuscitate Alyssa, the price to pay will be high, for sure.

Is Lilith a demon at the end of Season 2 of The Order?

The Knights and Nicole saved Lilith from Kingdom of Demons. But to their surprise, Lilith was not happy to see them. She told Nicole that they took her away from her “home” and asked to be fired. The demonic symbols on her face suggest that instead of being treated like a human prisoner of demons all the while, Lilith has been equated with Demon Kingdom. To survive, Lilith may have had to act as one of them. And that she has since given up her human identity. It could also lead to Lilith becoming the embodiment of the demonic ancient Lilith of the Epic of Gilgamesh. With this in mind, the origins of the Knights and Lilith’s stay in hell could become key themes in season 3 of The Order.

What future for Gabrielle as a Werewolf?

In the season 2 of The Order, Gabrielle was turned into a werewolf after being unintentionally linked to Midnight’s skin. The same werewolf as Jack was before he was reunited with Silverback. In the collective unconscious, Midnight convinced Gabrielle to take hold of her body so that she could kill Silverback. After murdering Alyssa, Midnight returned to Gabrielle, who went to see Randall in tears.

Gabrielle is now the fifth werewolf. But that doesn’t make her a member of the Knights of St. Christopher. Just like Randall, Hamish and Lilith had to do in season 1 with Jack. They will have to make a decision on what to do with Gabrielle in season 3 of The Order. Given what Midnight did to Alyssa, it’s hard to imagine that she would be unanimously admitted. Even if they forgive Gabrielle, they will no longer be able to trust Midnight. Because the hideout finally turned against the pack and killed someone on its own.

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