Is it worth taking advantage of Black Friday to update software?

Black Friday is the period of promotions that, despite starting in the US, in recent years has become very popular in Brazil as well. And as with most products, many software companies also take advantage of the moment to reduce the value of their programs, encouraging the purchase of original licenses to avoid piracy.

Today, TecMundo brings you a guide for you to be aware of when purchasing your license legally, without falling into scams, in addition to showing some software that usually goes on sale during this period. Check out:

Risks of illegally acquiring a software or license

Unfortunately, piracy is still routine in our country. Especially when it comes to software whose license costs a higher price, such as Windows itself, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, among others. However, know that the cheap can be expensive and you end up suffering as a result of this act.

Windows is one of the most pirated software in BrazilWindows is one of the most pirated software in BrazilSource: Microsoft

Taking Windows 10 as an example, today the price of an original license for sale on the Microsoft website is R$1,099.00 in the Home version, and R$1,599.00 in the Pro version. vendors sell supposed operating system licenses at much lower prices.

The big problem is that these licenses are mere Activation Keys, which are often donated by Microsoft to students or small companies, so that they can have a limited period of use of the system. In other words, this same key you are using may also have been used by other users, causing your Windows to be activated, but without the original use license, which could even lead to legal problems with the company.

In other software, such as Photoshop, the company can be even more rigorous. Adobe, for example, often notifies users who use illegal versions of its programs, in addition to limiting their capabilities. In other words, in addition to having a pirated application, you may not be able to have the same performance as the original version.

Adobe Photoshop 2022Adobe Photoshop 2022Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

To get around the financial issue, Adobe itself brings a subscription system for its software, where you can cancel at any time if it’s tight for your pocket, or you no longer need the program. Photoshop itself now costs R$90 a month, which also includes the original mobile version of the application.

And to top it off, most of these companies rely on online verifications of their applications, which also helps to inhibit piracy. Therefore, it is not worth taking the risk of using programs illegally, and running the risk of being criminally liable for it.

How to avoid falling into scams during Black Friday

Still on the issue of security, Black Friday, unfortunately, is also one of the periods with the highest number of scams online. They range from e-mails with false offers for software on sale, or posing as renowned companies, to selling cheaper products on malicious websites.

Be careful not to fall for scams during Black FridayBe careful not to fall for scams during Black FridaySource: PxHere

To avoid falling into this trap, we have some basic tips:

  • Whenever you receive an email of offers, check the sender, that is, which address triggered the promotions;
  • Always be wary of prices well below the normal value of the software. For example, Windows 10 for R$50, or similar offers;
  • Always choose to buy your software, or acquire licenses, on official websites.;
  • On sites like Americanas and Amazon, keep an eye out for partner stores. Because even inside big portals, unfortunately, they also tend to sell fake licenses of renowned apps.

Software to keep an eye on Black Friday

And if you want to take advantage of Black Friday to purchase your software, there are some applications that tend to get cheaper in the period.

At Microsoft, Windows and the Office suite do not have a history of promotions during Black Friday. However, with the arrival of Windows 11, the company can take the opportunity to attract more customers to the (now old) operating system.

Affinity software was on sale last Black FridayAffinity software was on sale last Black FridaySource: Disclosure / Affinity

Affinity Designer, whose program works similarly to Adobe Photoshop, went on sale on Black Friday in 2020. In addition to it, other software from the company also received discounts during the period.

Other software that is always on sale during the offer period are antivirus. If you use Windows on your PC and don’t have one, it can be the ideal time to protect yourself from threats, paying cheaper than at other times of the year.

And for gamers, it’s also worth keeping an eye out for subscription to online services. PS Plus, for example, usually has promotions in its plans both on the official Sony store and on partner sites. Xbox Live, on the other hand, may also have a reduction to go head-to-head with its rival.

PS Plus did a subscription promotion on the last Black FridayPS Plus did a subscription promotion on the last Black FridaySource: PlayStation Blog

But don’t worry, as TecMundo will have ample coverage of the most anticipated offer period of the year, always bringing you the best opportunities.

And you, what software would you like to purchase on Black Friday? Tell us here in the comments.

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