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Saturday is what day? To bring the main discussions in the TB community. ✌️ Is it worth buying PS5 abroad? 16GB or 8GB MacBook Air? YouTube Failed to Update History? These and other discussions that took place between April 2nd and 8th can be seen below. 😉

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TB Comunidade (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

Is buying PS5 abroad a good thing?

In the last week, the Rafael Jose Alves asked for the help of the Community people about purchases abroad, check it out:

Hello dear technoblog friends, how are you?

In May I’m going to travel to Portugal to visit my old father and I’m here thinking about what electronics to buy even more to take advantage of the dollar/euro drop (hoping it stays that way until then haha).

I thought about buying a PS5 that is 499.99 euros which in direct conversion is much cheaper than buying here.

Has anyone here made a similar purchase? Is there any point I have to pay attention to when making this purchase so I don’t chip? Or any tips to complement my business:? haha

Because of the price, it is common to search abroad for that electronic device that we want so much, especially when a travel opportunity arises.

However, it is necessary to consider some points such as the guarantee that you will have to give up, an issue raised by the GigoCAP or the stock, in the case of the PS5, as pointed out by the ra.henrique.

Despite these points of attention, there were those who reassured our friend Rafael:

And you, have you bought or are you used to buying electronics abroad? Tell us about your experience there in the Tecnoblog Community.

Other topics that resonated in the Community

8GB MacBook Air, YouTube not saving history and other matters worth checking out. Access the links below and leave your opinion. 👇

  1. Why the 16GB MacBook Air and not the 8GB
  2. [Dica] Making Alexa more interesting with the Voice Monkey skill
  3. Which internet providers “pass” on your street?
  4. YouTube not updating history
YouTube not updating history? (Image: Giphy)

In addition to the topics raised by you in the Community, our team produced articles that also generated a lot of discussion. Come see the agendas that most caught the attention of the members in the last week.

The 5 best discussions about Tecnoblog agendas

  1. Galaxy S9 is retired: Samsung phone no longer receives updates
  2. Appointed to BC board supports taxing Shopee and AliExpress imports
  3. Uber now shows drivers the final destination of rides
  4. Bill wants to make Pix essential service immune from strike action
  5. Federal government uses LGPD as a pretext to hide data, warn experts

Samsung has ended support for the Galaxy S9, one of the top Android phones of 2018. It’s like the author of the article, Bruno Gall De Blasi, said: not everything is forever. 😢

The discovery was made by the specialized website Droid-Life, which reported that Samsung has removed both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ from the list of devices entitled to receive security updates. With this, neither of the two models will be updated until some change happens.

Samsung has ended support for the Galaxy S9. (Image: Technoblog)

And speaking of change, Uber announced that the app will now show drivers the destination of rides. Before, it only reported the distance, the passenger’s rating and the destination neighborhood. With the update, the notification will bring more information.

The goal is to improve the service experience and bring more details about passenger journeys.

Uber starts to show drivers the destination of the races. (Image: Giphy)

Many people liked the news. But what about you, what did you think? We are waiting for your opinion there at Community.

Well, I’ll stop here. Don’t forget to follow the technoblog and participate in the discussions that take place in the Community. Lots of interesting debates, tips and ideas take place there. 😉 Until next time!

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