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It is the end of LG Mobile. The company announced the closure of its cellphone division after some sales attempts and billion-dollar losses accumulated over years. However, the products will not simply evaporate off the shelves – consumers can still find smartphones of the brand on sale while supplies last. Considering this critical scenario, is it still worth buying an LG cell phone?

LG K62 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

LG K62 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

We have gathered some important points, such as Android updates, price and technical assistance, to help you evaluate the possibility. Follow the lines below.

LG cell phones for sale in Brazil

LG Brasil provided the Tecnoblog the list below with smartphones that are part of your current portfolio:

  • 2020 models: LG Velvet, K Series (K41s, K51s, K61, K52, K62, K62 +)
  • 2019 Templates: G8S, G8X, K Series (K12 +, K12 Prime, K12 Max, K40S, K50S, K8 +)

Searching on the brand’s Brazilian website, we found a few more models listed on the date of publication of this article. This means that you may also end up with the following devices in stores around:

  • LG K71
  • LG K22 +
  • LG K22
  • LG G7 ThinQ

Which LG phones will still have Android updates?

Buying a phone that will not receive new versions of Android is basically a shot in the foot. System version updates are important for those who enjoy trying out new features, keeping their smartphone “relevant” for longer.

So, unless you plan to change your phone again soon, I advise you to check if the model you choose will receive more versions of the operating system – and check which one comes out of the factory. Some of the models listed come with Android 9 (and Google is already moving to 12!).

A list published on LG’s South Korean website lists the following models as upgradeable to the Android 13:

The phones below are expected to receive the Android 12:

  • LG V50s
  • LG V50
  • LG G8
  • LG Q31
  • LG Q52
  • LG Q92

In addition, many devices have not yet received the Android 11. This is the case of the LG K52, which should be upgraded from the fourth quarter of 2021.

You must be thinking: “many cell phones sold in the national market are not on this list!”

Yes it’s true.

Sought by Tecnoblog, LG do Brasil has not revealed an exact list of models that will receive each version of the system. The company just confirmed that it will release Android 12 and 13 in the country, and that “all LG smartphones currently in use will receive updates to the Android operating system from the year of purchase” (which is a bit vague).

LG K52 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

LG K52 (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

Technical assistance and spare parts

LG also says it will continue to manufacture smartphones during the second quarter of 2021 to fulfill contractual obligations with operators and partners. The company says that, therefore, “service support and security software updates will continue to be provided for a period of time for certain devices”.

Notified by Procon-SP, the manufacturer has not provided satisfactory details on how customer service will work. The scenario, therefore, is quite uncertain.

“LG just stated that it will maintain the service, but has not set the deadline – which is essential to guarantee support to consumers who bought the devices. When closing the activities in the segment, the supplier must define the period that will keep the technical assistance in operation ”, says the statement from Procon-SP.

LG Cell Phone Accessories

Among the least of the problems, we also highlight the probable difficulty to find a case for your smartphone in the future. The trend is that stores will stop selling these accessories over time.

Of course, items such as a compatible charger and headphones can be purchased from other manufacturers without major problems. In the case of original cases, such as the second screen (Dual Screen) for the LG Velvet, the tip is to run to guarantee yours soon, before they go away.

LG Velvet (Photo: Disclosure / LG)

LG Velvet (Photo: Disclosure / LG)

After all, is it still worth buying a LG cell phone?

Based on all the information above, it is possible that, in some apocalyptic scenario, you will end up seeing a good deal when buying a LG cell phone. Some stores may lower the price and carry out promotions to run out of stocks at once (before they get stuck for good). It is a race against time for retailers as well.

LG accounted for a 12% share of the cell phone market in Brazil, according to IDC – simply the country’s third leading manufacturer. It may not seem like it, but the company had an important participation, especially in the intermediate segment.

With its departure, other brands (Samsung and Motorola) may end up forming a duopoly and dictating the price for the Brazilian retail, which may lead to the increase in the price of smartphones here.

is it worth buying a lg cell phone

LG K51s (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

Under this hypothesis, it may be worthwhile to buy an LG cell phone, especially if the price drop is very sudden and you are only using an intermediate / basic device that runs the main day-to-day apps without problems, such as social networks, WhatsApp and some mobile games – all without long-term expectations, of course.

In any other scenario, it is difficult to indicate a branded phone going forward.

Tell us in the Tecnoblog Community: have you ever had an LG cell phone? Would you still risk the purchase?

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