IPVA 2022: see the full payment schedule

In addition to the heat and the festivities, the beginning of the year in Brazil is also marked by the arrival of different tax bills, such as the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA), which must be paid annually by most vehicle owners in the country.

As this year the IPVA underwent significant changes — especially in the state of São Paulo — and both the percentages charged and the payment methods change from one state to the other, we have gathered in this article the main changes that São Paulo citizens should know before carrying out The payment. Check them out below.

Who needs to pay the VAT?

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Theoretically, the IPVA must be paid by anyone who owns a fully functioning vehicle, with a series of penalties being provided for those who do not honor the commitment. However, what many people are unaware of is that some homeowners are exempt from paying the tax.

In São Paulo, for example, owners of cars with more than 20 years of manufacture, people with disabilities, churches, NGOs, taxi drivers, government vehicles and urban buses do not have to pay the annual costs of IPVA.

However, as there is no exemption rule for the entire national territory, it is necessary for each citizen to confirm the frameworks of their region with the vehicle’s license plate status.

IPVA: what is the penalty for those who do not pay the tax?

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The IPVA is part of the annual routine of those who choose to own a private vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the payment dates so as not to suffer the penalties provided by the states for defaulters.

In São Paulo, for the year 2022, citizens who choose not to pay the tax will have to pay a fine of 0.33% per day and interest calculated on the value of the Selic rate. If the default exceeds 60 days, the debt will be registered in the Active Debt and in the State Cadin.

In addition, the non-regulation of the IPVA prevents its owners from making a new license, allowing the vehicle to be seized by official agents and the driver to be fined for not having the documentation up to date. For other states, daily fines and interest values ​​must be verified directly on official websites.

IPVA: payment schedule in the state of São Paulo

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The IPVA payment schedule in São Paulo was divided between a single installment and payment in installments, with discount values ​​for each of the options offered. Residents who chose to pay the tax amount by January 21st had a 9% discount on the total tax amount. The expiration dates were separated according to the end of the license plate of the vehicles, going from 1 to 0.

For those who chose to pay the tax amount in installments, a 5% discount will be applied to the value of each installment, as long as they are paid by the due date of their respective months. As with cash payment, the due date of the installments varies according to the final plate number and must be checked at the state farm website. However, for the month of February the salaries were as follows:

  • Final 1 — February 10th.
  • Final 2 February 11.
  • Final 3 February 14th.
  • Final 4 February 15th.
  • Final 5 February 16th.
  • Final 6 February 17th.
  • Final 7 February 18th.
  • Final 8 February 21st.
  • Final 9 February 22.
  • Final 0 February 23.

For truck drivers and tractor trucks, the dynamics remained the same. The dates of the 1st installment expire according to the end of the plate, as well as that of smaller vehicles. However, the installments of the following months had their maturity set on the 20th.

IPVA: changes in the form of tax payment in the state of São Paulo

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In this year, 2022, the Government of São Paulo made some significant changes in the form of IPVA payment. One of them is in relation to the ease of paying the tax. Residents of the state will be able to pay the total amount of the fee in up to 5 installments, with installments ranging from February to June.

Another great novelty was the possibility of making the payment through the website, using debit, credit and Pix cards to settle the pending payment with the State. As with boleto, payments via card can be made in cash or in installments, leaving the choice of each citizen.

Unlike in recent years, the São Paulo government has also reconsidered the exemption from IPVA and the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) for people with disabilities, stipulating a maximum ceiling of R$ 70 thousand in the purchase value of the vehicle. Cars that are above this value will not be covered, making the owners have to bear the costs of the tax.

In addition, car rental companies had their percentage reduced from 4% to 1%. This measure, according to the government, is a way to encourage companies to further increase their fleets to reduce rental values ​​and make the market grow more throughout the year.

IPVA: how to find the payment schedule of other states?

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Decision-making on the operation of the IPVA and the issuance of tax slips is carried out by the Treasury Department of each of the 26 states present in Brazil. Thus, readers who do not live in the state of São Paulo can find the calendar and more information about paying the tax at the links below.

If you have chosen to receive the IPVA bill at home, it will also contain payment options and due dates. However, if you still have doubts, you can contact the responsible bodies in your city or region by phone or by going to the location.

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