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Almost five years have passed since the apple presented the iPhone 7 the world, but it is still the best-selling used cell phone in the Trocaphone, a Brazilian company that sells and buys used smartphones. The balance that shows the high demand for the model by Brazilian consumers considers sales made between January and June 2021. Apple and Samsung are the only brands that appear in the Top 10.

iPhone 7 (Image: Jean Prado/Tecnoblog)

Best-selling used cell phones in the 1st half of 2021:

Model Release year Minimum price (Jan to Jun 2021)
Apple iPhone 7 2016 BRL 1,299
Samsung Galaxy S9 2018 BRL 1,299
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 2019 BRL 1,869
Samsung Galaxy S10 2019 BRL 1,759
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 2018 BRL 1,489
Samsung Galaxy S10e 2019 BRL 1,579
Apple iPhone 8 2017 R$1,629
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 2017 BRL 2,489
Samsung Galaxy S8 2017 BRL 989
Samsung Galaxy A31 2020 BRL 1,199

As you can see, all smartphones from the above list were launched in premium, with the exception of the Galaxy A31. It should be noted that the A32, its successor, is already available in retail for prices close to the used A31, which may be a better deal, in the end.

Apple has an asset that Samsung has come to pursue recently: the upgrade policy that offers new versions of the operating system for at least five years. iOS 15, which was introduced during WWDC 2021, is compatible with the iPhone 7 (in fact, even the iPhone 6s will support the new iOS) — so the 2016 model still retains some relevance even after so long.

iPhone 7 worth it in 2021?

The iPhone 7 (and even the iPhone 8) may seem like a good buy at the relatively low price compared to other Apple models — especially for those who’ve never been to the Apple ecosystem and want to try it cheaply. The phone has a small 4.7” screen and a physical Home button, which attracts the most nostalgic, and already had NFC, for payments by approximation, even at that time.

However, it is worth considering some problems common to these models. The main thing is the battery life, which in an iPhone 7 with little use can already be a complicating factor, and it worries even more when we talk about a cell phone that was used regularly for many years.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 (Image: Jean Prado/Tecnoblog)

Also, even with the system upgrade, performance tends to be limited due to the capacity of older chips. Murilo Tunholi, author of Techblog, used an iPhone 7 until recently, and confirmed that it saw a bigger drop in performance with the arrival of iOS 14 last year.

The phone also lacks multiple cameras, and while it shoots relatively well with its main lens, it lacks versatility — no ultrawide or telephoto here. You’ll probably also miss a feature to shoot better in the dark.

Used Android Phones May Be A Greater Risk

As I mentioned earlier, Samsung has started offering a more interesting upgrade policy recently. This means that some high-end models from the past will not be included. That’s the case for the Galaxy S8, which no longer receives security updates from Android — so it’s no longer a recommended option, as it could be vulnerable to attacks.

Galaxy S10+ is a more interesting option

Launched in 2019, the Galaxy S10+ is still an option to consider. It has extremely competent cameras, which should please most users, as well as being visually much more interesting than its successor, the Galaxy S20. According to Samsung’s calendar, Android updates arrive at least until 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Galaxy S10 Plus (Image: Paulo Higa/Tecnoblog)

Of course, it’s always worth keeping an eye on price and cost-effectiveness. Currently, you can find the S20 for around R$ 2,100 in e-commerce, so depending on the amount charged on a used S10+, it is more worthwhile to buy a new smartphone.

What to consider before buying a used cell phone?

In addition to checking the battery life status (on iPhones, you can access battery health data through Settings), it’s important to check the upgrade plan available for the model, always keeping a step back with policies without many warranties on older smartphones.

Also, consider whether the company continues to produce cell phones (in Brazil and worldwide) — in recent years, we lost Sony and LG, so be careful with smartphones from these brands.

Finally, if possible, test ports, connections and check for possible damage to the cell phone case (which may compromise water resistance certifications and even the use of the device, depending on the situation).

Buying used cell phones is a good option to save money, especially now that electronics are more expensive amid the sanitary and economic crises that affect Brazil. However, it is important to be aware that the “cheap” is not expensive.

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