iPhone 13, Apple Watch and more: what to expect from the September 14 event

THE apple announced the date of its traditional September event: it will be on the 14th, next tuesday. As usual, the company did not reveal what it will announce on the day, and the invitation only contains information about the timing of the live broadcast. Still, the rumors and leaks give an idea of ​​what to expect: iPhone 13 launch, Apple Watch Series 7 and, perhaps, the AirPods 3.

Likely iPhone 13 Pro (Image: Playback/EverythingApplePro)

Apple will broadcast live on September 14th

According to the invitation sent to the press and published by Greg Joswiak on Twitter, Apple will broadcast directly from Apple Park, California, at 2 pm (GMT). Although the announcement of the new products is scheduled for September 14, previous rumors indicate that Apple will open the ordering phase for the iPhone 13 on the 17th, the Friday following the event.

Apple makes the broadcast available on its official website and YouTube. You can follow the complete coverage of the event here, on Techblog.

iPhone 13

The star of the show should be the new iPhone, and it should be called the iPhone 13 — it seems that the nomenclature with “s” after the number is in the past. The device should have the same four versions as the 12: mini, regular, Pro and Pro Max.

Screens: 120 Hz, but no Touch ID

Screen sizes will likely be the same, but with a reduced notch. Speaking of screens, they should finally feature 120 Hz refresh rate and LTPO technology, which enables the device to use a variable frame rate.

This, in turn, may allow the iPhone 13 to finally debut an always-on display (or always-on screen, in English) feature. The functionality should work similarly to Apple Watch, which reduces the frame rate to 1 Hz when the device is in standby as a way to save battery power.

Another thing the competition has that Apple has never offered is the under-screen fingerprint reader. And it looks like it won’t be this time: the latest rumors indicate that the company has even tested the feature, but it will even stay for a future version.

Cameras: the cooktop can be bigger, but more discreet

Ok, but the iPhone 13 isn’t just screen-based. In terms of cameras, they should remain organized in a raised square, the famous “cooktop”, which should be bigger.

Also on this subject, the Pro models should also have an upgrade on the ultrawide lens. Now, it will likely have a larger aperture (f/1.8 versus f/2.4) and will contain six elements, not five more. It remains to be seen whether these changes will also reach the mini and standard models.

Regarding the telephoto (or zoom) camera, the 13 Pro should win the one that was on the 12 Pro Max, an improvement over the previous generation. There is also the expectation that all models in the family will use the same sensors that were in the 12 Pro Max, but without changing the camera configuration: mini and regular with wide and ultrawide, Pro and Pro Max with these two and the zoom lens. The LiDAR sensor must also remain restricted to the most expensive devices in the family.

Leaving aside the camera hardware, in the photo and video software part, the new iPhones Pro should have a mode called “Cinematic Video”, which is the moving version of the portrait mode, focusing on the person and blurring the background. The more expensive devices must also have the high-quality ProRes format, video equivalent of ProRAW and very interesting for those working in editing and production.

Schematics show possible design of iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cameras (Image: Playback/MacRumors)
Schematics show possible design of iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cameras (Image: Playback/MacRumors)

A15 processor, better modems and bigger batteries

On the performance side, the iPhone 13 must come with the A15 chip. Little is known about it: the component is expected to be manufactured by TSMC using a new process called N5P. Lithography should continue at 5 nm, but the expectation is to deliver superior performance.

And it will also have more speed in connections: the iPhone 13 must have the Snapdragon X60 modem, from Qualcomm, presented in February 2020. Made with a 5 nm process, it offers more energy efficiency and achieves faster transfers by aggregating data from mmWave and sub-6GHz bands, plus better signal coverage. It is worth remembering that the 5G auction has not even been held here in Brazil, so it will take a while for us to take advantage of this feature in national lands.

Leaving aside the 5G, the iPhone 13 can also support Wi-Fi 6E, with better performance, lower latency and faster transfers.

Batteries must also be larger than previous models. 25W fast charging support may also be on the way, along with a new plug adapter — sold separately, of course.

Apple Watch Series 7

The September event should also bring news to Apple’s smartwatch lineup. The Watch Series 7 will likely be introduced and will have two size options larger than the current ones, 41mm and 45mm. It is speculated that the Watch Series 6 should no longer be sold on the brand’s website, leaving only the Series 3, SE and Series 7 models in the portfolio.

Supposedly Apple Watch Series 7
Supposedly Apple Watch Series 7 (Image: Playback/Jon Prosser)

THE Bloomberg also points out that the watch will have thinner bezels, making better use of screen space. The edges will be straight, following the design adopted by the iPhone and iPad Pro. On the other hand, it will be thicker.

On the issue of health sensors, there was an expectation that the Apple Watch Series 7 would bring a non-invasive method of measuring blood glucose. However, the latest information shows that the surveys should still take a few years to be completed. Even so, there must be news in this regard, with a body thermometer added to the device.

Still talking about features, the new smartwatch of the Cupertino brand should have an update in ultra-wideband connectivity, wireless communication technology that uses little energy and promises to leverage smart homes.

AirPods 3

The September event may also have a new AirPods update. Details about these new headphones are more sparse and controversial.

Possible Apple AirPods 3 (Image: Playback/52audio)
Possible Apple AirPods 3 (Image: Playback/52audio)

For now, we know it should have a design more like the Pro version, moving away from classic EarPods, and with shorter shafts. However, there is still no answer as to whether it will come with silicone tips or if it will be open like previous models.

In terms of features, the new headphones should not have the same active noise cancellation (ANC) of the more expensive model, precisely as a way to differentiate the products and maintain a lower price for the entry-level version.

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